Film hostage taking at an Apple store in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM. – A movie scene was experienced this afternoon in Amsterdam, when an armed man took another hostage in an Apple store. Through the networks, the Amsterdam Police made the announcement of the situation and asked the public to keep their distance from the place. “There is an armed individual inside the store. The police are on the scene with special units to bring the situation under control”, was published in the official account of the police force. At the scene, Leidseplein, armed policemen gathered to secure the release of the hostage. A witness face-to-face quoted by the newspaper Het Parool reported that around 6:00 p.m. (local time) two men left the store and when they saw the police -who were alerted for robbery-, one of them grabbed a person under the arm and pointed a gun at his head.Photos and videos published on the networks allow us to see the deployment of the police operation, which has uniformed officers carrying high-caliber weapons. In the images you can also see the person held at gunpoint by another subject with a balaclava. This is how the taking of hostages in Amsterdam is lived Witnesses told the local television station AT5 that shots were heard shortly after the armed man entered the store. The Dutch agency Bno News reported that the police were alerted to a possible robbery in an Apple store on Leidseplein, in the center of the Dutch capital. In this context, the television station AT5 added that witnesses reported hearing shots. For their part, the Amsterdam police limited themselves to giving details about the situation in the Apple Store on Leidseplein so as not to hinder the investigation or deployment there. A large number of emergency services were on site, including heavily armed police, the Special Intervention Service (DSI) and bomb squads. leave the building”, remarked the Amsterdam Police through Twitter, while the operation was unfolding. “We do not want to share any information about the situation in and around the building at this time,” they added in the afternoon. Buildings in the area were evacuated or closed. Minutes before 11 p.m. (local time), the Amsterdam Police announced that the offender was controlled. “We can confirm that the Apple Store kidnapper is lying on the street and they are examining him with a robot for explosives,” they reported through the networks, and remarked: “The police control him remotely with firearms. The hostage is safe”. ANSA Agency

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