Fernando Gago vs. Cacique Medina, the tense cross between the coaches during Racing’s victory over Vélez

Racing got a victory against Vélez that revitalized it, which gave him peace of mind after the blows suffered by the eliminations in the Copa Argentina and the Copa Sudamericana, and above all because he had just lost 2-0 to Godoy Cruz, in Mendoza. Doubts began to condition the Academy coach’s cycle, but the 2-0 celebration, with goals from Matías Rojas and Fabricio Domínguez, calmed down the Cilindro de Avellaneda. The game was played with tension on the field of play, there were almost no goal situations, but there was also a crossing outside, on the substitute benches. The protagonists, Fernando Gago and Alexander Medina, coaches of Racing and Vélez, respectively. What happened? Everything was born from a claim by the former driver of Talleres de Córdoba and Inter de Brasil towards the referee of the match due to the delay caused by Enzo Copetti, a Racing striker who was being treated on the floor.“Come on, come on… Hey, Lucas! Go ahead”, Medina began yelling at Pratto for the delay, to tell the referee to speed up the game. The second half was already played and Racing won 1-0. And after a few seconds, the Cacique added adding anger: “Hey, hey, Ramiro (referring to the fourth referee). How long have we been there? Don’t you want to play?”That’s where Fernando Gago got in, with a response from bench to bench: “Yes, I want to play it, yes. It’s not that I don’t want to play it…”. But Medina redoubled the claim: “We are going to give continuity to the game. How long will it be lying around? Come on, stop fucking”. Gago: -Don’t say that, don’t say that. Make no mistake… Medina: You don’t like the dynamics. You don’t like the dynamic? Come on.After the match, gago He did not speak of the crossing with his colleague but he expressed his opinion of the conformism that the victory generated: “I am happy with the good performance of all the players, and particularly in the case of Matías Rojas, who scored a great goal, I think he is getting back to his best football form after the injury he had”, said the coach.Enzo Copetti, the attention of the Racing striker generated the cross between Medina and GagoLA NACION/Mauro AlfieriY added: “But that’s football, because with Vélez we didn’t have as many scoring situations as in other games, and yet we were able to convert them to be able to to win”, he said about the two goals of his team. The technician anticipated that what he will look for for what is to come is “That the team continues to establish itself as such. Because you can’t keep thinking about games that have already happened. We have to see what’s coming”Gago concluded.Medina commented: “It was an even match where they had the forcefulness to convert and we lacked clarity to hurt the rival. I understand that both teams shared possession of the ball; we could have equalized at the beginning of the second half. We looked for it by different means and it could not be given. And he added: “When you lose it seems that everything is wrong but it is not. In these last two games that we lost, I don’t know if the rivals were more than us. In both crosses we received very little although it is also true that in the offensive part we must generate much more”.Fernando Gago vs.  Cacique Medina, tension in Racing - Vélez, in AvellanedaFernando Gago vs. Cacique Medina, tension in Racing – Vélez, in Avellaneda On November 24, 2020, workshops tied with Newell’s 1-1 at the Marcelo Bielsa stadium, in a hot party of matchday 4 of the Professional League Cup andin this way, the Cordovan team confirmed its leadership in Zone 4, which was also made up of Boca and Lanús. Talleres played the entire second half with 10 footballers since at the end of the first stage Juan Méndez was expelled. However, he showed personality to face adversity and equalized with a great goal from Tomas Pochettino. The Rosario team had started winning at the start with a good definition of Max Rodriguez. Talleres remained first in Zone 4 with 8 points, followed by Boca, with 6; Newell’s and Lanús have 4 units. The game was very talked about, with controversies and discussions of all kinds, even between the substitute benches, between Frank Kudelka and Alexander Medina, who ended up fighting in the end. It was even heard that the DT of Talleres told the Newell’s: “They told me you were a fool.” Kudelka was not far behind, he approached Medina again and said: “You are a loudmouth and rude.”In a verbal duel that seemed to have some precedent, Kudelka was direct: “Don’t disrespect me.” “Do I disrespect you?” the Uruguayan DT asked him. “Don’t come bullying me”the Newell’s coach insisted. Then Kudelka insisted against the Uruguayan: “You are rude, no one loves you.” and almost towards the end of the night, he heard a “I would like hand in hand alone”, while Medina replied: “You have my phone, call me”.In the end, in the next match played in Córdoba, Medina and Kudelka made peace.

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