fear the walking dead season 7: A positive review of episode 2

Fear the Walking Dead is an American horror drama television series that comes on AMC, and its seventh season airs on 17 October 2021. This television series is a companion series to The Walking Dead, which is based on a comic book that holds the same name by Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman, and Tony Moore. The series includes 8 episodes and this season was eagerly anticipated. The series first episode is already out and the viewers are loving it very much. And, its episode 2 is also out, let’s have a recap of episode 2. 

The plot of Fear the Walking Dead season 7

In season 6 of this series, Teddy explodes nuclear war and now it is up to those characters who remain alive – how they want their new beginning. While the air outside is harmful and deadly the survivors need to search for who they are and whether the survivors can leave upon this occasion. The entire season 7 revolves around this theory. 

Episode 2 review

Episode 2 of Fear the Walking Dead season 7 seems to be a great deep dive into Grace as she explores this entirely new world while thinking about the guilt of what happened to Athena. Karen David expresses herself as the best actress in this series with an outstanding performance as she is trying to manage her past. Genuinely, Grace doesn’t want to live any longer in this world, and she always hopes that something bad would occur and she could die. She feels like dying so that all her suffering and pain could vanish. 

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It becomes hard for the viewers to hold it after learning that Grace doesn’t desire to make a connection with baby Mo as she thought that by doing so she would replace Athena. Grace’s journey seems to be raw as she lost Athena just before the blast, and all this has changed the series landscape and started a new journey. As others are busy navigating the new phase of the world’s end, Grace knows about it as she is a nuclear expert. And, she seems to be the most crucial character in the new phase as compared to any other character. Moreover, Grace tells Mo and Morgan to leave her behind in this new phase, and she seems to be defeated and she feels the world would be better without her presence. This episode is harrowing to watch.

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