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Fans expel man with Nazi tattoos from Gauchão game

A man had engraved on his skin the title of Adolf Hitler’s biography, Mein Kampf, and an Iron Cross A fan of Brazil from Pelotas was expelled from Bento Freitas stadium, in Pelotas, last Sunday (13), for showing two tattoos that refer to to Nazism. He showed the images on his skin during the game against Novo Hamburgo, for the Gaucho Championship, causing indignation from the others present. On social media, a video of the shirtless man is circulating. It is possible to see an Iron Cross, on the left arm, and the words Mein Kampf (My Struggle), title of Adolf Hitler’s biography, on the individual’s back. Brazil-RS fan with the tattoo that refers to the book written by Adolf Hitler
(Photo: Reproduction) According to the Brazilian press office, the unidentified man was removed from the stands by the Xavante fans themselves, who were revolted by the tattoos. He was confronted by people in the surroundings, which caused quite a stir. Brasil de Pelotas published an official note on social media repudiating any type of hate speech or act of discrimination. “Thanks to generations of Xavante who brought us here over 110 years, Brazil has in its own history an instrument against any speech or act of discrimination. The love for the many that we are is part of the beauty of the club. history that those who feel represented by hate speech, unfortunately increasingly common, are and will always be repelled from the Baixada. has the dignity to call himself Xavante,” the statement reads. The game, valid for the 6th round of the Campeonato Gaúcho, ended in a 1-1 draw.

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