Fact Checking Policy

Headlines that are 100% genuine.

  • Every news piece on the site goes through a thorough verification procedure in order to ensure that the headlines are 100 percent correct. Rumors & insider stories are labelled as such to distinguish between verified material and industry buzz that our readers might be interested in.
  • Whenever we write each piece, we double-check that the material is current and correct. Before we start writing, we double-check sources and always go back to the original source (and references, if necessary). Unless other sites post questionable information as official confirmation, we require 100 percent confirmation to claim it as such. We never publish clickbait. Although our headlines are big, we don’t make sweeping assertions just to seem bold. It must be true & accurate. We don’t just report the news; we also provide industry-leading insight that explains why it’s relevant to you.
  • The editors of www.cuopm.com report on the pop culture events that our readers (both new and old) enjoy the most. The Www.cuopm.com team consists of cinephiles,  gamers, TV addicts, and comic book readers, who have diverse backgrounds in video production, film studies, writing, and business management. They are united by a love of all stuff entertainment and a desire to provide the best, and most engaging, content for visitors to with us.

Looking for an official response

  • We contact a spokesperson and/or studio public relations whenever we cover a rumour, leak, or announcement via non-official sources (from Reddit, social media, YouTube channels, untested magazines, etc.). We did reach out, even if they couldn’t comment or didn’t respond. We make certain that everyone has a chance to weigh in. Our editors and writers ensure that every new article contains the most up-to-date information, the most accurate information, and all pertinent data.
  • We follow basic journalism ethics when we are the original source. These open lines of communication with big developers, publishers, studios, and public relations agencies are important to us.

Taking The Big Picture into Account

  • The same standards apply to feature content, and we emphasise the significance of research & objectivity, and also providing a compelling case (and when drawing out a considering, conclusion, and including relevant counter-arguments). This method enables us to handle more possibilities and respond to reader questions before they arise.
  • Please email [email protected] with any revisions or updates.