Expert level visual challenge: how long does it take you to find the letter A among the 4 numbers

Although there is no exact date of its creation, riddles have been present in people’s lives for a long time and nowadays it is common to see them on social networks. In most cases, they present an enigmatic image for people to guess what it is about, as an ideal form of entertainment and discussion among users. Every day, there is a new challenge to achieve with different degrees of difficulty. On this occasion, one that seems simple left more than one wanting to solve it. The drawing, which was a trend on Facebook, shows a photograph with a red background and hundreds of numbers “4” in white. Among all of them is an intrusive letter “A”, which must be found by those who agree to continue with this challenge. However, it is important to clarify that the obstacle level of this challenge is high, since it is expected to be solved in 7 seconds. For it, you need to pay close attention to it.You have to find the ‘A’ hidden among the ‘4’ in the image as soon as possible (Photo: Facebook) At first glance, you can see 21 rows made up of 42 numbers “4” each, what disorients those who are encouraged to this viral challenge with the difficulty that the hands of the clock run and force a prompt resolution. However, there is no need to despair. We leave you a clue to solve the riddle: the letter “A” is found between the last lines.

This is the solution to the viral challenge

If you couldn’t find it yet, don’t worry, because these challenges require a lot of time and only seven seconds is not enough to complete it. As can be seen, the large number of similar numbers stands in the way of resolution: in row number 6, if you view it from bottom to top, you will find the answer to the puzzle. This is why careful observation is the main tool to be able to meet the objective.The resolution to the enigma (Photo: Facebook)The resolution to the enigma (Photo: Facebook) For those who were left wanting to do more challenges, new challenges are released every day and, in turn, there are several people who join in wanting to discover them. For those who gave up trying to find the letter between the numbers, they will be able to practice with other illustrations that circulate on social networks and that have various contents, such as finding which of the hamburgers is different from the others or finding the hidden jewel among the leaves of the trees.Ana Abbona Santin, specialized in cognitive training, proposed this great challenge for those who want to broaden their panorama of knowledge and be able to abstract themselves from social networks, even for a few minutes of the day. All with the aim of acquiring new concepts. In the illustrated table is divided into nine boxes and in each of them you can see an alphabet soup that has a clue in the lower margin to help you spot the hidden word.A riddle that seeks to strengthen the cognitive facet (Photo: Facebook)A riddle that seeks to strengthen the cognitive facet (Photo: Facebook) The words that enclose the enigma in each mosaic are: Eloquent. Collective. Explicit. Sympathetic. Symbolic. Refugee. Tuition. Lucrative. Bold.

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