Expeditions: Rome wins 4h demo on Steam

Expeditions: Rome

Did Christmas come early? For anyone who is a fan of an RPG with a good layer of strategy, it may be. Last week Logic Artists and THQ released a demo version of Expeditions Rome that is no more, no less than four hours long. It is available via Steam on the game's official page .

At a time where – at least I – I'm used to such short demo versions, I was pretty impressed not only with the length but also the content of Expeditions: Rome. The demo gives access to the game's first region (Greece), character creation – including attitude style that affects the dialogues available in the game. The part of differentiating dialogues is crucial, after all you take on the role of a young Legatus (a general in the Roman army) seeking revenge for his father's murder.

From what I played in the demo, Expeditions: Rome is on another level compared to other games from the developer. If Expeditions: Viking was the foundation for the RPG and strategy elements, Rome refines them to a degree I didn't expect from the developer. A proof of how much she has matured over these years.

The scenarios, the conversations, the combat system – which has always been Logic Artists' strong point – are fantastic. I even say that the new flanking rules and attack bonuses with a huge variety of new weapons make the combat even more intense. Those who like to “suffer” can choose to have their soldiers and even their comrades permanently killed in battle.

Whether you are aware of the franchise or not, I highly recommend downloading the demo. Worth the time invested. Now it's time to sit back and wait until January 20 – the release date – and enjoy the rest of the Expeditions: Rome campaign, which includes Africa, Gaul and Rome.

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