Evo Morales continued with his Buenos Aires tour in the PJ and will be at the premiere of a documentary on Public TV

The former president of Bolivia Evo Morales continued his tour of Buenos Aires this afternoon. He participated in an activity of the Justice Party (PJ) in the framework of his arrival in Argentina as part of a campaign to promote a new documentary -based on his return to the political scene- to be broadcast on the Public TV. He had previously been to the Casa Rosada. During the meeting “the future of the region was discussed.” Some 60 leaders, led by Alberto Fernández, listened to Morales’ words in the quincho on Matheu Street at 130 and in which a large number of political authorities linked to the ruling party participated, Evo received some presents from the hands of the Argentine president, as he learned LA NACION from sources close to Fernández, who were at the scene. It was Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero who proceeded to welcome Evo shortly after the meeting began, and then handed over a PJ plaque. Then, Fernández took the floor and, in the company of Victoria Tolosa Paz and Oscar Laborde, made a brief introduction focused on his friendship with the former president. One fact: the trade unionist and deputy of the CTA Hugo Yasky was there, closer to Cristina Kirchner than to Fernández. Yasky was praised by Evo. Alberto Fernández spoke for 20 minutes. He spoke of his personal appreciation for the former president of Bolivia. Morales was the final speaker. Government changes in Latin America were on the agenda. Evo was “excited” by the victories of Gabriel Boric in Chile and Gustavo Petro in Colombia. He took it for granted that he would win Lula in Brazil and suggested that it is necessary to return to something similar to Unasur. Former President Evo Morales together with Alberto Fernández, Santiago Cafiero, Victoria Tolosa Paz and Oscar Laborde On his settlement in Argentine territory after having managed his departure from Bolivia -and as he had already done at that time- Morales thanked the gestures outlined by the Government. “I owe you my life, brother Alberto,” he admitted while holding the microphone in his hands. During the meeting, which also included Jorge Taiana, Hugo Yasky, Edurado Valdés, Adolfo Rodríguez Saá, Gustavo Menéndez, Leonardo Gross, Diana Conti and Matías Lammens, the Bolivian leader took a moment to highlight the figure of certain Latin American figures. He then mentioned the governments of Gustavo Petro in Colombia and Gabriel Boric in Chile. He also included within that group the former president of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and his horse in Bolivia Luis Arce, whom he described as his “companion in the fight”.Morales considered that Alberto Fernández "saved the life" after the coup in BoliviaMorales considered that Alberto Fernández “saved his life” after the coup in Bolivia. Finally, and in the last stages of the meeting, a trailer for the documentary produced by the current ambassador to Venezuela, Oscar Laborde, was shown. The confluence between Evo and other characters on the political scene took place at least four days ago. Through a brief statement, the Justicialist Party said it had the “honor” of “inviting him to participate in a space for dialogue at the national headquarters of our party to talk and share their views on the present and future of Latin America.” “For the Peronists it will be an immense joy to be able to receive and listen to you in our house this Tuesday, July 12 at 6:00 p.m. in the building at 130 Matheu Street in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires”, concludes the letter.News in development

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