Ethics Policy

Personal assaults against people & firms in the businesses are not broadcast by our media brands. When covering sensitive themes, we emphasize objectivity.

We follow the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) rules. Disclaimers & disclosures are prominently displayed.

Reviewers are always separated from previewers/interviewers on film/TV/games coverage – i.e. A writer will not evaluate a film if they are invited to a set visit or junket. We work hard to maintain editorial/critique objectives and separate from studio access/relationships, as well as our monetization teams.

Obtaining Written Permission and Giving Credit

We always give the link credit to primary sources unless assets or news (media release) come from legitimate studio sources or their PR associates. Contributing to the internet publishing ecosystem and top journalism practices, we feel, is our obligation.

We credit the artist and try to contact them for consent to use the work for photographs, non-official art, and so on.

Considerations for Spoilers

We always respect embargoes on previews & reviews, and we save spoilers for when we have permission to share them – or after the film has been released. If the disclosures are important or sensitive, we keep them out of headlines and photos until enough time has passed to ensure that readers are not exposed to information they are not actively seeking.

We’re not about to harm our readers’ fun but to help those who are looking for this information. We always will add a spoiler warning at the start of the article if there are spoilers & publication will take place during the release window.

Please contact with any corrections or update requests.