Eternals: When Will It Arrive On Disney+?

Those who don’t like the cinema are happy to see films like “Eternals” in the stream after a short waiting. We reveal when you can expect the “Eternals” premiere on Disney+.

In the first half of 2021, Disney often gave viewers a choice: cinema or streaming. Blockbuster novelties, which were initially pushed back to release in the cinema, could also be streamed on Disney.

“Mulan”, “Raya and the Last Dragon”, “Cruella”, “Black Widow”, and “Jungle Cruise” were available three months after the cinema and streaming started at Disney + at no extra charge. The regular Disney + subscription was sufficient with a bit of patience, so off to see the films.

It seems pretty so because Disney will initially release the last films planned for 2021 exclusively in theatres. So if you can’t or don’t want to go to the cinema, you have to look into the tube for the time being. But this approach also has advantages for streaming friends!

Disney+: Blockbusters After A Short Time

Even if new films can no longer be streamed immediately in the future, the corona pandemic has ensured that films will now be shown exclusively in theatres for significantly shorter periods. In the case of Disney, this is 45 days, after which it can be published on Disney +.

“Possible” is the decisive word here because Disney + will not automatically release the new films in the stream after 45 days. Instead, they wait for a suitable date, in the case of “Shang-Chi”, which is Disney + Day on November 12th and thus 71 days after its cinema release.

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When Will Eternals Arrive On Disney+?

The exact stream date of ” Eternals ” is difficult to determine and will only be announced by Disney after the film has been in the cinema for a few weeks. On December 20th, the 45 days after the US theatrical release would be reached, but on the one hand, this is a Monday on which Disney + usually does not release any new products, and December is quite busy with highlights.

The last episode of “Hawkeye” airs on December 22nd, and “The Book of Boba Fett” starts a week later, on December 29th. In between, on December 24th, “Encanto”, the latest Disney animated film, will be released by Disney+ just 30 days after its cinema release. Disney + sees this early release on the stream as a Christmas gift to all subscribers.

So it is pretty likely that “Eternals” will be released on Disney + in late January or early February. With a premiere in February, “Eternals” would, of course, be quite late, but “The Book of Boba Fett” will be released until February 23rd.

We’ll probably find out more about Disney+ ‘s “Eternals” plans as early as December. Until then, you can make sure that the superhero epic doesn’t become the first MCU flop in the cinema.

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