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Entrepreneur Moxxi from Borderlands signs for the Galactic Expansion office of a well-known brand

Mad Moxxithe popular hospitality businesswoman from ‘Borderlands‘, has been appointed Director of the Office for Galactic Expansion (DOEG) to help launch the Scotch whiskey brand into the gaming sphere. During his initial four-phase contract, Moxxi will be tasked with expanding the brand name to the confines of Pandora, through the universe and beyond. His role is to bring together the Vault Hunters and new Scavenger Hunters of the galaxy, offering quests and dropping his own limited edition loot. It will also set some new ground rules at Moxxi’s bar and promote responsible drinking by sending personalized messages live from Pandora. To kick off her contract, Moxxi has created her own bottle “Ballantine’s x Moxxi’s Bar Edition”, now available on planet Earth. Also, Moxxi will share some rewards with friends through their social networks. Those lucky enough to get a bottle will gain access to exclusive ‘Borderlands 3’ content. We explain how you can opt for one of her: In the coming months, Pandora’s bartender will have to recruit her own squad, to help her share adventurespreading ankle boots and revealing some first fruits. It seems that Moxxi’s appointment is the first step in this long-term partnership between the beverage brand and the video game franchise, which will bring more announcements throughout 2022. Before he escaped in search of a more prosperous future to her four children, Moxxi is one of the most prominent figures in Sanctuary and a renowned hostess of the Underdome arenas. Since then, she has owned and managed Pandora’s finest premises, at least until they were destroyed or blown to smithereens.

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Ballantine’s X Borderlands – Moxxi’s Bar Limited Edition

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