Engine failing? Know when to change your motorcycle spark plug

It's not enough to know how to ride motorcycles or be passionate about this incredible two-wheeled vehicle. For your safety and that of everyone else involved in daily traffic, it is extremely important to always do the proper maintenance, especially when it comes to the engine.

In this sense, driving a motorcycle with a worn spark plug can cause a series of engine problems and risks to the life of the rider. With the objective of helping the pilot to take the necessary care with this component, we have listed some tips to identify the most common signs that indicate that it is time to change the item.

Understand how to take care of your motorcycle engine

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According to Hiromori Mori, Technical Assistance consultant at NGK, a Japanese multinational manufacturer of spark plugs, failures in restarts, starting difficulties and irregular idle speed already indicate a marked wear of the spark plug, which can cause damage to other components of the ignition system. , such as CDI and coil. “These are faults that put the motorcyclist in risky situations, therefore, the maintenance of the ignition system must be prioritized”, he explains.

take care of your engine

In addition to increasing driving safety, spark plug maintenance provides fuel savings and reduced emissions, and the best option is to carry out a preventive inspection every 3,000 km or six months, whichever comes first. “Ignition failures cause the fuel to be partially burned, which increases consumption and the emission of gases”, concludes Mori.

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