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Encanto 2: What Is Known About The Sequel At Disney+

On November 24, 2021, cinemas around the world welcomed Encanto, the 60th Disney animated classic. The story revolves around a very particular family, the Madrigals, who live in a magical house located in the mountains of Colombia in a fascinating place called Encanto.

It is not just the house that is magical, but each member of the family, who finds himself with a unique power, be it super strength or the ability to heal. Everyone has received this gift except Mirabel. However, when the girl discovers that the magic is in danger, she decides that it will be here, the only Madrigal who does not have superpowers, to represent the family’s last hope.

The musical film, whose soundtrack was edited by Lin Manuel Miranda, had found its ending. But could other stories be explored in a possible Encanto 2? The family Madrigal could find himself the protagonist of new magical adventures? At the moment, it is impossible to know if there will be a future for this title, as it was, for example, Frozen or Wreck-It Ralph. Let’s wait to see if Disney will take a closer look at this soon.

When Would Encanto 2 Release?

Obviously, there is no release date for Encanto 2. As you may have read, we don’t know anything about a possible sequel. For Frozen, it took seven years to have the second film in theaters. We’ll see what decision Disney makes. We will update you in case of news.

When Will Encanto Arrive At Disney+?

In conclusion, we remind you that it has been possible to find any Disney movie with extreme ease for over a year and a half. The company launched its streaming platform at the end of 2019, Disney +. Within about three months from the debut in the cinema, it is then possible to find the title in which you are interested in the catalog of the service.

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The same will also happen with Encanto. Indeed, perhaps in this case, as early as December 2021, it could be released on the platform. We are not sure, but at the moment, this rumor is going around. We’ll see.

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