Emily In Paris Season 2: When & What To Expect On The Screen?

Emily In Paris Season 2

Emily In Paris Season 2 will be released soon on Netflix. Not much time is remaining for the second season’s release, and fans have a lot of questions in their minds. Here’s everything a fan must know about Emily In Paris Season 2.

When Will Season 2 Release?

The second season of Emily In Paris was officially announced soon after its first season on Netflix. The second season is scheduled to premiere on Christmas this year. The exact release date as revealed is December 22, 2021. 

Affected By Covid-19 Pandemic?

The first season of Emily in Paris premiered back in October 2020. While the pandemic was at its peak, it became a new normal. In between travel restrictions and the fear of a pandemic, the cast finished the filming of its second season.

Ashley Park revealed how it was to film the second season in a completely unknown country at the pandemic’s peak. 

She said,

“We just can’t even believe that we got to go back to Paris and we actually finished filming the whole season. It was very … it was a lot. We were going into a country that was still on lockdown. I think we were just happy that we finished the second season, everybody was safe and we finished the entire thing.”

Will You See Any New Characters?

Being a TV series, it will be unbelievable if any new characters are not introduced in the second season of Emily in Paris. As revealed so far, Katy Keene alum Lucien Laviscount will step into the role of Alfie in the second season. He is said to be a sarcastic and charming guy who resists being a part of French culture. As reported, the character will have a love interest with Emily, which will only grow as the season progresses. 

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Moreover, Jeremy O. Harris as Gregory Elliott Dupree and Arnaud Binard as Laurent G are also the new additions to the cast. 


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