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‘Emily In Paris: Season 2’ These Changes Will Be Seen!

On December 22nd of this year, the time has come: The comedy “Emily in Paris” will appear on Netflix with season 2 . Main actress Lily Collins, who plays the eponymous role, announced that the upcoming episodes have a different focus than the previous first season because this was criticized in terms of diversity and inclusion.

Emily In Paris: Season 2
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The team behind “Emily in Paris” would like to focus more on representing diversity in season 2. This was lacking in the first season. Lily Collins, who is also the producer of the Netflix series and her work as a leading actress, told Elle magazine that she had followed both positive and negative reviews.

An Incident On Set Shows How Important Inclusion Still Is

Collins wants inclusion and diversity to be a focus both behind and in front of the camera. Still, in the first season, all of the main characters are white. Black people can only be seen in roles of supporting actors.

“For me as Emily, but also as the show’s producer, after the first season, when I heard people’s thoughts, concerns, questions, likes, dislikes, and feelings, there were certain things that made the time we live in, and addressed what is right, moral and correct and should be done. And [that was] something very dear to my heart.” Said Lily Collins.

Some newcomers have already been confirmed for the coming season, including Jeremy O. Harris. The Tony Award nominee recently spoke about an ambiguous situation on the “Emily in Paris” set where it was not possible to get the care his hair needed in the mask.

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Collins dealt directly with the matter when she found out. Harris felt more comfortable on the set and said, “It’s so nice to meet actresses who want to stand up for people with fewer privileges or less power than them.”

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