Elon Musk Mocks ‘Apple’, Asks To Buy ‘Cyberwhistle’ Instead!

Elon Musk is one of the most influential people on the planet. The billionaire is known for his ideas, words, and innovative approach towards things. The Tesla CEO also has a great sense of humor apart from his great intellectual mind and personality. Just like every other time, he has not failed to mock Apple and its products. Apple products are known to be often expensive and sometimes pointless and stupid. At least Tesla CEO Elon Musk thinks.

Weird Apple Products 

Apple is known for products that are hyped. These include the iPhone, iPads, Air Tags, and much more. However, the tech company often publishes things that even die-hard fans frown upon. For example, there was already the iMask (but only for employees), an FFP2 mask to protect against the coronavirus. Or the Apple Stand, a $1,000 stand for monitors that the internet made fun of. 

Recently, for example, a polishing cloth for displays that are supposed to gently and thoroughly clean the sensitive screens of Apple devices. Still, an affordable Apple product at $19. but similar no-name products are also available for well under $5. 

Elon Musk Laughs At Apple Cloth

Even Elon Musk has to smile at the polishing cloth and describes it on his Twitter account as “stupid” and warns, “Don’t buy it!” Because that is “a waste of money.” 

In the same tweet, the Tesla star encourages his followers to buy another product if they are already in the mood for a nonsensical product: a Tesla whistle for $50. If you feel like giving the “Cyberwhistle” to a Tesla fan, you will, unfortunately, be disappointed because the product is unfortunately sold out after Musk’s tweet. 

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Cyberwhistle shares its name with Cybertruck, which was announced in 2019. The limited-edition Cyberwhistle also shares the look with Cybertruck other than the name. The whistle is made from medical-grade stainless steel along with a polished finish. As mentioned on Tesla’s official website, the whistle has an integrated attachment feature for added versatility.

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