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Electric motorcycles grow in Spain and already total almost 75,000 units

The electric motorcycles have gained presence in spanish park of two wheels and already represent the 2.24% of it, which means that 74,705 units are already circulating through Spanish streets and highways, according to a study by We are surethe initiative for disseminating the insurance culture, in collaboration with the National Association of Companies in the Two-Wheel Sector (Anesdor) Y Information Technologies and Networks for Insurance Entities (Tirea). The report ‘Two-wheelers by engine types. Data 2020’ concludes that currently there are 40,057 operational motorcycles in Spainas well as 17,440 mopeds Y 17,208 scooters that use an electric motor. In the cities largest, those that exceed half a million inhabitants, these vehicles constitute the 2.91% of the local fleet of two wheels, while in municipalities with between 10,000 and 50,000 inhabitants, electric motorcycles account for 2.65% of the fleet of two wheels.

Madrid, Barcelona and the Balearic Islands

Likewise, the province that has, in relative terms, more motorcycles and mopeds that do not emit gases is Madrid (5.43% of the fleet), behind the capital are Barcelona (3.27%) and Balearic Islands (2.65%). However, in an analysis by municipalities, Barcelona is at the top (5.78%). In the city of Madrid this type of vehicle represents 2.14%, while Palm occupies the third position, with another 1.96%. Despite this, it should be noted that half of the country’s electric motorcycles and mopeds belong to companies, mainly home delivery companies and rental firms. In the same study, data from accident rate of the electric two-wheeler. While the private motorcycles present ratios that are under of the accident rate observed for the set of vehicles (measured by the probability of causing an accident), the vehicles of fleet they are clearly above. This could be explained because fleet vehicles are used intensively, perhaps linked to delivery or minute rental uses; which makes them vehicles more exposed to risk due to the time they spend circulating.

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