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EK Waterblocks lays off 25 percent of staff due to lack of sales

EK Waterblocks, probably the most popular company when considering custom liquid cooling components, It has been in the position of having to lay off 25 percent of its staff due to the reduction in its sales.
As we read at TechPowerUp, sales figures have dropped by leaps and bounds, up to 20 percent quarterly from October 2021and it is that, although it is the most popular liquid cooling brands, It is logical that the market for this type of component is not the widest, and less so at the time in which we find ourselves.
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As part of this fall we also find the fact that EK Waterblocks has experienced continuous economic growth in the last 5 years until the fourth quarter of 2021, where the drop in sales that has caused this massive dismissal has begun. In any case, This dismissal is not expected to be related to a crisis serious enough to threaten the existence of the company, because it seems to be part of an adjustment plan so that the company can continue operating without economic losses, and, therefore, can continue to design and manufacture cooling solutions. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments!
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