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Eintracht and Leipzig advance to a German final

The Eintracht Frankfurt and the Leipzig Germans resolved with two victories against the West Ham English and the Glasgow Rangers Scottish (1-2 and 1-0) the first leg of the Europa League semifinals and point towards a German final in the competition. Without the support of 30,000 people like in the Camp Nou but with his entourage of several thousand faithful, Eintracht also took London by beating West Ham 1-2. The first round of the Europa League semifinals fell to the German side in an open duel. Everything will be resolved in Frankfurt, where the ‘hammers’ only need to win if they want to return to a European final.

He struck first and how Glasner’s set with Knauff’s goal in the first minute. Santos Borré went from scorer to assistant in an action where he did not defend West Ham well. Bowen responded with a ball to the post, just deflected by Trapp, and in the strategy it would be where Moyes’ team would find the prize. Fornals hung a free kick at the far post, Zouma gave him a second life and Antonio holed in the small area. He scored the Jamaican again almost two months later. A loss by Eintracht in the defensive zone almost cost him an upset, although it was Knauff who made it 1-2 with a shot at half-turn.

The honor of the second German goal was held by Kamada. Sow threw a wall with Lindstrom and his definition was guessed by Areola, although the Japanese picked up the garbage on the rebound and scored at will. The worst news for Eintracht was Lindstrom’s injury shortly after. He seemed muscular and it will be difficult for the second leg. Despite the fact that the rhythm was not as fluid as West Ham expected, the ‘hammers’ ended up having more chances than their rival despite the fact that Kamada, in an isolated action, sent a ball to the wood. Benrahma remotely directed a ‘folha seca’ that licked Trapp’s squad and Bowen, with a Chilean in the addition, shook the crossbar. It was the last of the Londoners, who are forced to come back in Germany.

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Leipzig goes to Glasgow with a minimal advantage

Leipzig, the German team hit first in the other semi-final. With a Red Bull Arena filled to the brim, the Germans asserted their role as locals and they beat, although by the minimum, a rocky Rangers who came to sign a tie and almost got away with it. Angeliño spoiled the party for them five minutes from the end of the game.

The siege of the Germans in the early stages of the match was absolute.either. Domenico Tedesco’s men pressed Rangers from the start in their goal, which clung to the hands of McGregor to withstand the German onslaught. And when it wasn’t the Scots goalkeeper’s success, it was the misguidance of the energetic strikers that was to blame. Henrichs left Nkunku absolutely alone at the gate, but the striker was unable to make contact with Rangers’ nets on either of his attempts, giving Van Bronckhorst’s men extra life. Angeliño also had his own, grabbing a rebound inside the area and unleashing a powerful shot with his left foot that ended up colliding squarely with Bassey, who miraculously saved the opening score.

For the second part, the script was slightly reversed in favor of the Scots. Ryan Kent had one of those chances with a shot from inside the box that went wide, making it clear that they hadn’t come to Red Bull Arena to wait. So did Goldson with a header that he sent close to the right post. They were not going to sell the fall cheap. Although, again, the clearest was in the boots of a Leipzig player. Nkunku earned a spot in the box to stand in front of McGregor. The Frenchman dribbled and, as he released the shot from the right, he suffered pressure from Barisic to send it through the clouds with the defeated goalkeeper, drowning out the scream of Tedesco and his team. And the prize was going to come at the end. 5′ before the end of regulation time, a rebounded corner fell to the left boot of Angeliñowho tried again with a furious shot from outside the area and, this time, he sent it inside, thus giving his team the advantage ahead of the second leg next week at Ibrox Stadium.

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