Drive to survive: Formula 1 got tired of the Netflix series and requires plot changes

The success of documentary series on Formula 1 drive to survive It has been a great ally of the highest category of motorsports to attract new followers. But excessive dramatization of stories and “false” rivalries that it presents have generated criticism from fans and pilots. Due to this, from F. 1 they anticipated that they are going to ask the producer to adapt the story to the facts. “There is no doubt that the Netflix project has had a very successful effect. To arouse the interest of a new audience, he has dramatized the stories. A driver who refuses to participate because he feels he is not being represented in the right way is not constructive”, he pointed Stefano Domenicalithe CEO of Formula 1, who assured that during the Bahrain competition last weekend the subject was discussed in a meeting with the teams that appear in the documentary.The presentation of drive to survive“We will talk to Netflix because it is necessary that history does not move away from reality; if not, it no longer fits. It is a topic that we will address with the pilots. We have to make sure that a project that has generated such exceptional traction has a language that continues to attract but without distorting the image and meaning of the sport with which we live every day”, explained the former sports chief of the Ferrari squad. Without going any further, the last champion, Max VerstappenSome time ago he refused to participate in the last season of the series because “they faked some rivalries that don’t really exist,” he argued. “So I decided not to be part of it and not to give any more interviews afterwards, because there is nothing that can be shown,” said the Dutchman.The last Brazilian Grand Prix; Drive to survive is filmed on-site and also fictionalized. Added to the anger of the Red Bull driver were those of lando norris and Carlos Sainz, who expressed dissatisfaction with how the documentary is scripted. For the English of McLaren, there are comments that are out of place. “It can seem that one said something at such a time and such a place that makes it definitely not correct,” reasoned Norris, whose image is used. For his part, the Ferrari driver stated: “In my case and in Lando’s, I think they went a little too far. Even the fans who know Formula 1, and there are many of them, realized that Netflix probably went too far with Lando and me”.

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