Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 Release Date and Updates

Dragon ball series is not just an anime but nostalgia for many. From Dragon Ball to Dragon Ball Super, fans have loved whole-heartedly each and every episode of the anime. This love is being shown in Dragon Ball’s video games as well. In recent years, several of the greatest games in the Dragon Ball saga have been developed, with Dragon Ball Xenoverse and FighterZ emerging as two of the series’ strongest rivals.

Dimps developed Dragon Ball Xenoverse with Bandai Namco Games as publisher. The first DBZ game to have character creation was Dragon Ball Online. The second was Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi. Xenoverse is the third Dragon Ball game to include character customization. Xenoverse’s plot is inspired by the Dragon Ball Online MMO, in which recurring villains Mira and Towa manipulate the DBZ universe’s past.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 Release Date

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

The first series of Dragon Ball Xenoverse was released in February 2015. Looking at its popularity, the sequel (Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2) of the game was released soon in 2016. It’s been five years since the release of the second part, but gamers are still waiting for the third sequel. The series started with such a strong impression. But now fans find it weird that the creators have not released the third part even after so many years. Given that the release of the first two games was in less than two years.

Fans have speculated that Xenoverse 3 has been canceled due to the addition of updates to the game and the release of other titles such as Jump Start and Fighter Z. However, given that Xenoverse 3 has been one of the most desired games by fans, we expect Bandai Namco to release it with a boom.

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However, the sad news is that there is no official announcement regarding the release date. There are no updates either from the Dimps or Bandai Namco. But we cannot lose hope. Many times, no official announcement has been issued because creators usually wait for the ideal moment to share information with the public. Maybe it is the case with Xenoverse 3, and we might hear about the release when the time is right.

What to Expect from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3?

Xenoverse 2 storyline ended with Goku’s suggestion to the time traveler to hunt the previous game’s time traveler. For the Xenoverse 3, the chances are that it will combine the original title with the Dragon Ball’s big mystery as a backdrop. 

Xenoverse 3 is likely to examine themes of the Dragon Ball Super plotline and storyline, as well as combine alternate futures and tinker with traditional meddling. We may anticipate that the series would likely maintain the complicated and bending chronology of the game. 


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