Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3- Everything We Know So Far

In the universe of action games, Dragon Ball Xenoverse series has successfully managed to create a unique place of its own. The game is based on the Dragon Ball franchise and is developed by Dimps and published by Bandai Banco Games.

We have got two games under the Xenoverse tag till now and in this article, we will be talking about the third game of Xenoverse and its release date.

About Dragon Ball Xenoverse

The game is an action role-playing game in which we can choose from a variety of characters, that exist in the dragon ball universe, as our players. 

1. Compatibility

Both of its games, till now, are compatible with play stations, Xbox, and Microsoft windows.

2. The storyline of the games

The game is established in several 3D areas, in which the battles take place, inspired by the various locations in dragon ball anime. The players roam and battle around these places. The game also includes some famous dialogues from the anime to maintain the feel of the anime.

And the whole gameplay is based on this storyline.

Xenoverse 1 was released worldwide in February 2015. Bandai Namco announced a second game under the Xenoverse tag in May 2016 and released it for all the compatible devices in October 2016.

At this point, the audience is not sure about whether to expect the third part for this great action game or not. There are a few reasons which may give us some hints.

Will there even be a Third part?

The release of new updates and modes in Xenoverse 2, like Jumpstart and Fighter Z, is panicking the fans. As it indicates that the studio is not done with the second part and the third one is a far cry. But looking at the excitement and eagerness of the fans, the developers and studio will think about part 3 of this amazing game.

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The plot of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3

The second part focused mainly on the cinematic characters and it is predicted that the third one will be focused more on time travel and characters related to it.

Goku also hinted, in the Xenoverse second part, about the arrival of time travel in the game. Goku recommends the time travelers to look for the original time traveler, so that they may have a battle and decide who is more powerful?

Hence, time travel is said to be dominating the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 Release Date

The second part came just a year after the first part. But, as we have no updates about the third part yet, thus, it is predicted that we may expect the same in a year.

So, Xenoverse 3 might be released in late 2022 or early 2023 on all the compatible platforms. 

Just like Xenoverse 2 featured a new, advanced and bigger universe than its predecessor, we may also expect the same with the Xenoverse 3. The game is willing to have the interference of time travel and looking at the excitement of the fans and the reputation of Bandai Namco Games, the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 will surely come with a bang.

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