Dr. Brain season 2, Here’s how you should be watching it

Dr. Brain season 2

With the launch of the Apple TV 4K streaming service in Korea today, Apple TV’s entry into the Korean market begins. The sci-fi thriller ‘Dr. Brain season 2’ is the first Original to be premiered on Apple TV+ to mark the service’s introduction.

For the first time, on November 3, Apple TV+ will be available in South Korea. Since its introduction in 2019, but Korea was one of them. Apple, on the other hand ‘Dr. Brain,’ to coincide with the debut in Korea.

Dr. Brain season 2
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Actor Lee Sun-Kyun portrays a brain scientist named Sewon in the first season of Dr. Brain, a popular Korean television drama that aired six episodes.

Accidentally, Sewon’s family is tragically killed. Sewon uses ‘brain syncs’ to experience the memories of the deceased in order to discover what happened. However, his own self-awareness suffers as a result of this.

Dr. Brain season 2: How to watch

Apple TV+ is the only place where you can watch Dr. Brain season 2. Registering for a free seven-day trial is the best way to get started. The TV app may be used to access Apple TV+.

Take a look at your Apple TV. The ‘Originals’ tab on tv+ may be accessed by clicking on it.
The Drama Series section is at the bottom of the page. To begin watching, go to Dr. Brian. To be alerted when new episodes of Dr. Brain air, simply click the ‘Add’ button on the show is page.

iPhone, iPad, iPad 2, Mac, and all Apple TV set-top boxes may use the Apple TV app to stream content to their devices. Third-party platforms, certain smart TVs, and more may download the Apple TV app. At tv.apple.com, you may also watch on your computer or mobile device using Safari.

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Apple TV+ is available for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, depending on your purchasing power. You can also obtain Apple TV+. More than 100 TV series and movies, can be found on the Apple TV+ service. Our complete guide to Apple TV+ content can be found here.

English subtitles are provided for Dr. Brain’s Korean speech, which is subtitled in a variety of languages. When you are watching a show on the app, to select subtitle language and dubbing choices.

Despite the fact that Dr. Brain is Apple’s first foray into Korean-language programming, it will not be the last. ‘Pachinko,’ starring Lee Min-ho, will launch on Apple next year.

The date of Dr. Brain’s release
Today, November 3, is the premiere date for the first episode of Dr. Brain.


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