Downton Abbey 2: What Is Known About The Film?

Downton Abbey 2

After six beloved seasons that have captivated audiences around the world, Julian Fellowes had the chance to tell the story of the Crowley family once again with one of the most anticipated films of 2019. Fans, you know, always want something. In addition, right from the start, they hoped and asked to be able to immerse themselves again in those splendid atmospheres with a sequel to Downton Abbey.

However, at the time, the creator of the series was working on a couple of projects, which left no room for more. We refer in particular to the Belgravia miniseries and The Gilded Age. Despite this, it was possible to make a second film. It would only have been necessary to wait a little longer.

On the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour in early 2020, Julian Fellowes was asked directly when he intended to devote himself to a Downton Abbey sequel. His answer was somewhat vague, but he made it clear, even jokingly, that it wasn’t going to happen in the short term.

So reported Deadline. In April 2021, the official confirmation has finally come: Downton Abbey 2 will see the light. The official title is Downton Abbey: A New Era. For the moment, we can not say too much about the plot of the sequel.

Downton Abbey 2 Film Release Date

At this point, you will surely be curious to know what the release date of the Downton Abbey 2 movie is. With the confirmation that the sequel will be made, Deadline had reported the Christmas period as the first time indication. The set date was December 22, 2021, but the debut was postponed later.

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So when does the second film come out? On March 18, 2022, when Universal Pictures International will distribute the title in several countries. 


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