Dopesick season 2 coming or not?

Dopesick season 2

Hulu’s Dopesick follows a tiny mining town in Virginia in the mid-’90s as OxyContin decimated, tracing the roots of the opioid crisis. Despite some complaints that the show is unbalanced and heavy-handed at points. Rotten Tomatoes has given it an 84% critical rating.

As the epidemic worsens, the show has been hailed as the human face of the unfolding disaster. New Yorker writer Rachel Syme praised Dopesick for its ability to “express the misery produced by corporate irresponsibility and greed” in its greatest moments. “When the series fractures your heart, it shatters,” Jen Chaney.

Dopesick season 2
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Is dopesick season 2 coming or not?

Never miss an opportunity to be inspired, informed, and entertained by the day’s most important news. Even yet, a second season is to air after the season finale on November 17. Dopesick was always meant to be a one-time event. There have been cases where miniseries initially intended to be a one-off have been renewed due to their success, such as HBO’s blockbuster satire White Lotus. Dopesick, on the other hand, has a limited lifespan.

It is based on Beth Macy’s 2018 name, which is an investigative work of nonfiction. It would be difficult, if not dishonest, to put up new material for a show that deals with such a serious and actual issue. But despite this, there are many real-life persons portrayed in this adaptation, so their tales have a happy conclusion even though they do not appear in the original novel.

Hulu, on the other hand, has not made a statement on the matter.

Dopesick might follow in the footsteps are classified as “miniseries” but are anthologies. Another major pharmaceutical company scandal might be a distinct Season 2 plot if the show is commissioned. Not that there are not enough of them to go around.

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To boost sales, the corporation used deception, as evidenced by the videos. They are piling up on Purdue Pharma. Richard Sackler hears about the case being built against them and vows to do everything it takes to see that justice is served. However, Rick and Randy discover that they can access Purdue Pharma’s headquarters, not the Sacklers.

The arrangement has resulted in the dismissal of their leader and other top executives. It has a price. Politically and personally, it has had a significant impact. Richard Sackler has resigned as president to “focus on his family,” according to a statement from the company. He gave Michael Friedman the poisoned chalice, which made him feel cowardly, but he knew what he was doing.


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