Donald Trump Wanted To Infect Biden

Donald Trump Wanted To Infect Biden With Coronavirus! Violent Allegations Against The Ex US President

Trump became infected with Corona during the election campaign at the end of 2020. That is known. But was he infected before a meeting with Biden, and did he know that? These are the new allegations. Trump had known about his corona infection before he met opponent Biden. Now there are allegations that Trump intentionally kept his infection a secret. 

Trump’s Coronavirus Disease

September 29, 2020, election campaign in the USA: Trump and Biden have a hot duel on T.V. The then-incumbent U.S. President Trump is said to have known about his corona infection for three days and to have deliberately put Biden at-risk claims Mark Meadows, Trump’s former chief of staff in his book “The Chief’s Chief.”

The Timing & Allegations

Even if Trump, who is overweight and because of his age of 74 years, belongs to a vulnerable group of corona disease, Biden would have it with 78 at the time Years can also hit badly.

The allegation, Trump is said to have known about his SARS-CoV-2 infection in the run-up to the meeting with Biden, reports The Guardian on September 26.

The meeting with Biden took place three days later, on September 29. On October 1, another test is said to have been positive. On October 2, Trump announced that he was infected with Covid-19 and was taken to the hospital a few hours later.

Superspreader Event

On the evening of September 26, the day Trump allegedly tested positive. Amy Coney Barrett was honored in the White House for the nomination for Supreme Court judge.

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An event that would later be referred to as the Superspreader event, as at least 12 people are said to have been infected here.

Secret Test Was Positive

The positive test of September 26 has been kept secret so far, so it is claimed in the book of the ex-chief of staff.

Another so-called Binax test is said to have been negative. However, according to the U.S. Department of Health, these tests can give false-negative test results and are not 100% safe. Nevertheless, Trump allegedly preferred to rely on the negative result. However, it is claimed, Trump is said to have already shown symptoms of corona disease, such as fatigue or shortness of breath. Trump has opened about the new allegations and has labeled it “fake news.” 


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