Do you work on the day of the 2022 Census in Argentina?

The 2022 Census is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 18, a day that the population dedicates to the statistical event. However, every ten years (although in this case data collection was postponed due to the pandemic), a review of permitted and restricted activities during the day is necessary. For example, Do you work on Census day?something that INDEC responds to. The institute, in charge of the office that coordinates the Census, clarifies that next May 18 will be a holiday to facilitate the survey task, which will start at 08:00 on Wednesday. It is then an “unexpected” day off, which is added to the official calendar of holidays. In addition, because it is a day of statistical survey, between 00 and 20 no theatrical performances, cinematographic exhibitions, sports competitions or public meetings can be held. Restaurants, confectioneries, delicatessens, bakeries and shops in general will be closed. If the guards of essential services will be maintained.The only ones who will work on May 18 are the census takers, who will begin their day at 08:00 a.m. Thus, a holiday is configured in which, although there will be a responsibility-attend to the census taker-, the day is dedicated to an event of a few minutes. The occupation will be even less for those who answer the questionnaire digitally, since in their case they will only have to tell the census taker the numerical verification code that the page grants once the complete questionnaire has been sent. Because it is a day dedicated to the census, from the INDEC they ask not to travel on Wednesday and as far as possible to be in the personal residence at the time of the census taker’s visit. If you are absent on the day of the visit, the institute recommends complete the data virtually and ask the doorman of the building (or the neighbor in the case of a house) to deliver the information to the census takerUntil next May 18 at 08:00 a.m., the day and time the 2022 Census begins, there is time to complete the information remotely. Thus the visit of the census taker is expedited, although it is not avoided, since the INDEC envoy will pass anywayalthough it will continue on its way after listening to the verification code.The digital Census can be completed in several sessions (Source: Twitter video capture/@Censo2022)The digital Census can be completed in several sessions (Source: Twitter video capture/@Censo2022) Before answering the census digitally, it is necessary to enter the official website of the agency and obtain the Single Housing Code, for which it is It is necessary to provide the ID information and date of birth. As reported by the agency, this information will be used to verify that the person is real and older than 14 years. Once the Code has been generated, the person will be able to complete the census at their own pace, in more than one session. The questions will be the same 61 that the people who answer in person will answer, but In the digital case, it is important to verify the information before sending the questionnaire, since once it is sent, the information cannot be modified..This modality has already been used by more than 15% of the census universe, which adds up to an estimate of just over 7 million people (if the inhabitants of the dwelling are taken into account). The statistical agency reported that of the total number of people registered digitally, 53.3% are women, 46.6% men and 0.1% of sex X or none of the above.

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