DLC for Humankind will bring African cultures on January 20


But my goodness, it's the second week of 2022 and the strategy games calendar has already started to fill up. Amplitude is one of those that started the “race” with the announcement of the DLC “African Cultures” for Humankind. It is up for pre-order for R$17.99 and adds six African cultures separated by eras.

The selection, while it may seem “quirky” to those who haven't played Humankind yet, is quite interesting. You can start a game with Bantos – whose focus is expansion, evolve to an agrarian culture with Garamantes in the second age, switch back to a mercantile culture in the fourth age with Maasai, go to militarism with the Ethiopians in the fifth and close the game with the Nigerians.

As usual, each culture has its own style. Garamantes, for example, can obtain food from arid lands. Swahili are useful for players who have a back. Nigerians, despite being agrarian, can also be useful from a military point of view because of the possibility of increasing oil deposits and agricultural workforce.

The DLC also comes with 5 new wonders that are comprised of Mount Kilimanjaro, Victoria Falls, Mount Zuma, Lake Natron, and the Great Mosque of Djenné — plus 7 independent towns and 15 new narrative events.

I wasn't expecting a DLC from Humankind so soon, especially considering that Amplitude is still in the process of "finding" where it wants to go with 4X. However, the addition of new cultures, and cultures so different from those of the base game, already indicates a prosperous path. Even if this “prosperous” path ends up hurting a little in the pockets. Now it's just a case of hoping this is offset by excellent updates.

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Watch the announcement trailer below:

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