Digga D Famous British Rapper Total Net Worth, Lifestyle, Girlfriends 

Digga D

Rhys Herbert, more popularly known as Digga D, is a 21 years old British rapper and musician of Jamaican descent and is one of the popular young artists in the music industry today. Well known for his dreadlocks, slim body and clean shaven face, he is known for his vocals which are of the genre British hip hop and he is often referred to as the pioneer of the Uk drill. 

Here in this article, we will discuss some interesting as well as shocking facts about Digga D. 

Early life 

Born in West London, England Digga D always wanted to be a part of the music industry, and he started writing music at a very young age.  At the age of 12, he wrote his first song.  He mostly listens to Jamaican reggae and dancehall.  He was rusticated from his school at the age of eight, as he was found in possession of cannabis. 

Professional Life

He first rose to fame as a part of UK drill collective 1011, but after some time, it was changed to CGM.  He is one of the most influential people in UK drill , and has an ever growing audience who are fans of his music. 

No Diet , Play for the Pagans, No Hook are some of his most successful songs, and he has broken many records in UK charts history.  Digga D has a networth of around $ 30.8k to $ 40.8k .

Personal life

Digga D is dating a British model, Mya MillsMills,  who is a 19 year old Instagram influencer.  They have made their relationship public when they posted a picture of them online, making it official that they are dating.  Digga D is a very private person and he has not revealed any details about his family life as yet. 

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He has faced many legal issues and has been arrested a number of times, including breaching his CBO, most recently in July for provoking violence after attending  Black Lives Matter protest, for which he had been actively posting on his Instagram account as well. 

He says that to his defense that he has been treated unfairly. He says that he wasn’t initially banned from music, but only after he rose to fame and became popular, people started checking up on him making songs using London postcodes and writing songs which we’re making references to real life incidents and people. 


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