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Diego invades interview at Fla and embarrasses reporter: ‘Everything goes’

Flamengo midfielder interrupted a journalist’s conversation with Thiago Maia, who was confused An attitude by Flamengo midfielder Diego caused a huge uproar at CT Ninho do Urubu and went viral on social media. The player, who is in the reserve of coach Paulo Sousa’s team, invaded an interview to embarrass journalist Venê Casagrande, from SBT.

“The man of half-truths. How are we? What a moment! The man of half-truths directly from the Vulture’s Nest… What a moment we are living, Mengão. Anything goes”, provoked the midfielder, laughing.

The episode took place after the activity of Flamengo this Tuesday (26), and was filmed by Diego himself. In the video, he appears entering a room in the CT, where Venê was talking to the steering wheel Thiago Maia. The teammate, by the way, is confused, even asking if Diego was addressing him. “Me?”, says shirt 8, apparently annoyed. Diego, in turn, replies: “Not you, Thiagão! You are 10”. After filming the scene, the midfielder leaves the scene. The video spread across social media. Look:

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