Dice Legacy will have new weather and events system on December 21

Dice Legacy

"Ok, I think Dice Legacy updates are over, the game is at a point where I can start a new game." Every time I mention this DESTINYbit comes with a new update that has the potential to completely change the strategy/management game. The newest, “A Storm is Coming”, is scheduled to come out this Tuesday (21) on both PC and Switch.

The idea behind “A Storm is Coming” is to give the Dice Legacy weather system a heavy overhaul. Where until then the base game contained only periods of intense winter, there will now be droughts, rains and ice storms. In total there will be 8 types of climate change during the summer and 8 during the winter.

In addition to coming up with new events for these climate changes — such as rare specific demands that involve the construction of certain buildings — DESTINYbit will include two new scenarios: Bizzarre Demands and Building a Following.

The first generates construction and maintenance costs of buildings and technologies at random. The proposal is to generate new types of challenges when trying to meet bizarre demands that even involve the location of the structure on the map.

Already “Building a Following” removes the houses from the game. You will only get new data if you fulfill the requests of your inhabitants. In my opinion this can be the most challenging scenario, because without dice you lose a game in a matter of minutes.

Those on PC can test the changes and new features of the update through a “beta” version. How to access the beta and what's included in it — as well as the full update list — is available on the Steam forum .

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And there I go waiting for this update to come out to play more Dice Legacy. One thing is for sure: DESTINYbit has gone to great lengths to refine the game and improve it since launch. They are to be congratulated; without a doubt one of the good surprises of this year.

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