Dexter: New Blood Episode 2 Recap


Dexter: New Blood Episode 2 Recap takes a breather from the high stakes of its debut to examine Dexter’s newest killing to the Iron Lake community. Dexter’s girlfriend, Angela Bishop, is the head of police in the town where Matt Caldwell’s disappearance is believed to have taken place. A few miles from Matt’s last known location, where he said he was going white-buck hunting, his cabin is well situated.

After convincing investigators (which he actually did), Dexter escaped to New York rather than face accusations of poaching on Seneca property. By the end of the episode, it appears like Dexter has escaped with yet another murder. As well as obstructing the crime scene, Dexter also puts one of Matt’s gloves along the highway and assists the police in identifying the bullet found in the buck to that which Dexter sold Matt at the gun shop the day before.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 2 Updates

Deb Morgan, Dexter’s hallucinatory conscious, chastises reverting to his old ways and putting his son in danger. Another murder-gone-wrong for him, and it is making him happy. she says, “Smugfuck,” and then walks away from the conversation.

But has Dexter been able to pull it off? I do not know. Episode 2 of Dexter: New Blood introduces a new villain in the form of Matt Caldwell’s powerful and well-connected father, Kurt Caldwell (Clancy Brown). Despite Angela and the police’s allegations that Matt rushed away into the night. Kurt had no intention of letting the search be called off early. The only reason Matt would not contact his dad this time is. Because he always does when he gets into trouble.

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No, Kurt is not believing Dexter’s explanation, even only for a hefty fee. He persuades Angela to relaunch the hunt for Matt by making an emotional plea to the citizens of Iron Lake.

This is a recap of the second episode of Dexter

In this week’s episode, we see her again, well. In a spooky hotel room, she has a camera and all the trappings. The kidnapper’s eyes and the sinister soundtrack presented imply that Caldwell senior may be the one holding Lily hostage, albeit we do not see the person in full. Angela’s statement that they had been attempting to contact him “for hours” is further evidence of this.

In what capacity was he engaged? Is someone watching Lily’s every move? There was someone who was. Edward Olsen, a billionaire in the oil and gas industry, is considered a possible suspect. But Lily is in serious trouble, and she is aware of that.


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