Dexter: New Blood Episode 2 ending explained


Dexter: New Blood Episode 2 ending explained- Dexter Morgan chose a great love interest for a serial murderer who is meant to be on the run, to escape being identified, captured, and condemned.

A strong relationship with Angela and Iron Lake’s police department may have its advantages, but it is hazardous conduct for a guy. Dexter is allowed full freedom to clean up after Matt Caldwell’s abduction and subsequent search party.

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A 300 game in the neighborhood bowling alley is the exact opposite of flying under the radar. That is how Harrison, Dexter’s long-lost son, discovers him. It was not long until Harrison, the once blueberry pancake loving moppet, went on the hunt for his missing father when Hannah passed away from pancreatic cancer.

Harrison was able to track down Dexter with the help some online detective work, and he is hungry for answers. What happened to Dexter? Why did he pretend to be dead?

Why did he leave the sweltering heat of Miami for the frigid conditions of Iron Lake?

Jack Alcott, the Harrison actor who portrayed Harrison, deserves credit for making these sequences work. Despite the fact that the Iron Lake Police Department is camped in Dexter’s front yard searching for the man he swiftly murdered. It is always fun to watch him squirm, Alcott’s acting never becomes overly dramatic.

Despite Harrison’s seeming hardness, he is visibly hurt, making him all the more enigmatic. While the images showing the son slipping and stealthily spying on the other adolescents clearly show that he is as brilliant as his father. There is no apparent hint that the evil simmering within him is any greater. Dexter is trying to be a parent and get a read on the boy he does not know.

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Dexter: New Blood Episode 2 ending explained updates

By placing Matt’s glove and wiping up blood splatters, Dexter can lead the injured deer and make it look as though Matt shot the buck on reserve land and then fled town to escape legal issues, just like in the old days. Fortunately, Matt’s father Kurt (Clancy Brown) shows up just as it appears again in an all too comfortable manner.

Despite the fact who shouts “Dexter Big Bad,” I got the impression that he is only a distraction to keep us from focusing on the true danger facing Dexter. Matt, on the other hand, promised that Kurt would murder Dexter with his last breath.


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