Devs Season 2: When And Who To Expect In Season 2?

Devs Season 2

The FX-Hulu Sci-Fi series Devs has not been renewed yet. The first season of the show received much-awaited appreciation and a positive response from the viewers. This means that the chances for Devs Season 2 are huge. 

Devs: When Will Season 2 Be Released?

Devs revolve around the story of a computer engineer as she drives into an investigation of a secretive development division in her own company. In the first season, we follow her voyage to solve the mystery behind her missing boyfriend. If continued, the story will start where it was left in the first season. The show has a rating of 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb, and if renewed, it can be assumed that a release in 2022 seems reasonable. 

The first season was released back on March 5th, 2020, with a set of eight episodes. It is expected that the second season will also arrive with the same number of episodes in early 2022. 

The show is written by Alex Garland, who also serves as the director of the show. Moreover, Alex Garland, Eli Bush, Andrew Macdonald, Garrett Basch, and Allon Reich act as the show’s executive producers. 

The first season consisted of episodes with a duration between 43 and 57 minutes. 

Devs Season 2: What Is The Cast?

So far, the official announcement regarding the second season has not been made. If we talk about the cast, we can assume that these characters and actors are returning:

  • Nick Offerman as Forest
  • Sonoya Mizuno as Lily Chan
  • Zach Grenier as Kenton
  • Jin Ha as Jamie
  • Stephen Henderson as Stewart
  • Karl Glusman as Sergei Pavlov
  • Cailee Spaeny as Lyndon
  • Linnea Berthelsen as Jen
  • Alison Pill as Katie
  • Jefferson Hall as Pete
  • Aimee Mullins as Anya
  • Georgia King as Lianne
  • Janet Mock as Senator Laine
  • Amaya Mizuno as Amaya
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Devs: Is There A Trailer For Season 2?

So far, the show makers have not revealed any details regarding the trailer or the teaser regarding the second season of ‘Devs.’


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