Defense and Justice – River, live, for the League Cup

After the trouble, River responds. Julián Álvarez sweeps the front of the area horizontally and passes to Enzo Fernández, who takes a shot from medium distance that he hits the crossbar. El Halcón is clear about the business, but not concrete. River shrinks without putting pressure on the rival who has the ball. Allows front assists for local strikers. Merentiel came back in a one-on-one with Armani, but he stumbled before the goalkeeper and Martínez’s closing. Another opportunity wasted by Beccacece’s team. River is not well compensated and Gallardo makes a correction: Simón, more open on the right, almost as a wing, and Juanfer Quintero as an inside player, in the generation of play. relax with the spaces that leaves River. Long pass to Merentiel, who did not accurately assist the entry of Rotondi, only in front of the arc to define. Gallardo begins to worry about the defensive facilities of his team. Defense finds River ahead and exploits the back of the last line. Pizzini filters a pass for the Uruguayan’s entry merentiel, that within the area he defined high. Casco is projected, combines with De la Cruz and his center causes a misunderstanding in the local defense. The clearance of a defender bounces off a teammate and accidentally falls into the hands of Unsain. The control of the ball belongs to the Gallardo team. He dominates in the middle sector, where he also creates numerical superiority with the rise of the wings. De la Cruz finished over the crossbar. The captain’s armband of Enzo Perez commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Argentine landing in the Malvinas Islands. The rest of the players also wore an allusive ribbon. For River, a usual dynamic of recent years begins: the local competition is interspersed with the Libertadores Cup, in which he will debut next Wednesday, against Lima Alliance, of visitor. For now, Marcelo Gallardo it is not tilted by rotation. Among the headlines this evening stands out the return of defender Héctor David Martínez, after recovering from a tear that took him 40 days. will enter through Leandro Gonzalez-Pirez singled out for the error that led to Sebastián Villa’s goal in the defeat in the superclásico against Mouth. will also be the owner Juanfer Quintero, instead of Esequiel Barco, who along with Braian Romero was left out of the bench of substitutes.

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18.00 Gallardo still couldn’t with Beccacece

The technical director of River has an unfavorable history in the hand in hand with his colleague of Defense and Justice. Beccacece outdoes it 2-0, with wins by 1-0 in 2019 and by 3-2 in 2021. Florencio Varela’s team will debut next Tuesday at South American Cup, versus Antofagasta, in Chile.

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