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Daniella Karagach; Net worth, Boyfriend, Family and Career

Daniella Karagach full name is ‘Daniells Brittany Karagach Pashkov’ professionally, and she is a dancer. Her dance partner is Leonish Juashkovsky; they had the Latin champions tag three times in the United States Junior 1st and 2nd. 

Net worth

Talking about her net worth, according to the sources like Forbes and Business Insider, her net worth could be approximately $1.5 Million, which makes her one of the wealthiest dancers in the world. Her dancing journey started mainly in 2009 where she began dancing with her partner ‘Leonish Juashkovsky’. Together they are the champions in the United States 10 Dance Championship and Latin champions seven times. Back in 2009, she and her partner juashkovsky got to represent the US at the 2009 World Games in Taiwan. In addition to that 10 Dance World Championship in Austria, The Ballroom World Championship in Germany and The Worldcup in Korea was also represented by them by the side of the United States.

In 2011, they got the natural face of the United States all over the world, representing many competitions like – 

  • World 10 Dance Cup in Szombathely, Hungary (June 2011)
  • World Latin Championship in Singapore (September 2011)
  • World Ballroom Championship in Moscow, Russia (October 2011)
  • Ten Dance World Championship in Shanghai, China (November 2011)
  • United Kingdom World Dance Championship in London (October 2011)

They won the United Kingdom Dance Championship, which was held in London in October 2011. 


Daniella Karagach is with her fellow dance partner ‘Pasha Pashkov’. They started their dancing journey together after getting engaged in January 2009. As the new trend goes on, they also have a significant age difference. Despite age differences, they managed to carve their talents and relationship well. And in the same lucky year, 2009, they chose to represent the United States 2009 World Games in Taiwan.

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She was talking about her early life, born in 1992, on 26th December in New York. Her father, Mark Karagach and mother, Regina Yvette Karagach, were migrants from Moldova. They both got divorced after Daniella was born and raised by her mother.

Daniella also has a stepsister ‘Ariana Zurinam’ from her stepfather ‘Arie Zurinam’. Daniella studied at Staten Island College Campus. Her mom Regina worked as a Guidance counsellor NY city Education Department and the City university of York.

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