Damon HyperFighter Colossus, the electric one that reaches 270 km/h

Damon Motorycles has revealed the HyperFighter , its new electric naked that arrives with a respectable business card: 200 hp, 23.9 kgf.m of torque, 270 km/h of maximum speed and 235 km of autonomy. There are three versions for the machine, being the Unlimited 15, Unlimited 20 and the top of the line, Colossus.

They are distinguished by the technical equipment and the power of the motor and battery. In this text, however, we will focus on Colossus, the most interesting from a performance point of view.

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Cutting-edge technology in the new Damon HyperFighter Colossus

Regarding the technical part, to push the HyperFighter in the Colossus version we find an electric motor with 200 hp of power and 23.9 kgf.m of maximum torque, as mentioned above, linked to a monoshock frame.

Only the swingarm is fixed on one side to the engine and battery pack with a small subframe. According to the manufacturer, the 20 kWh battery should be enough to travel 235 km. To recharge it takes 45 minutes to go from 0 to 80% with a fast charger, or 9 hours to reach 90% with a normal household outlet.

There's also high-end chassis equipment with Öhlins suspension and Brembo brakes. There is also the possibility to adjust the height of the handlebars and the position of the pedals in two options with the press of a button while riding. The reported data speaks of a top speed of 270 km/h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h covered in less than 3 seconds.

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And you, what did you think of this electric motorcycle from Damon Motorcycles? Write to us in the comments!

  • New Damon HyperFighter Colossus Revealed

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