Crisis in Independiente: Fabián Doman asked Hugo Moyano to call “elections” to decompress the tension

Sports journalist and manager Fabian Doman demanded that Hugo Moyano urgently call for elections in Independentafter the serious incidents that took place this Friday in Avellaneda, when the ruling party avoided dealing with a new date for the internal elections. “What the people ask for are elections”, he wielded. “Everything that happened today is an embarrassment. There was no point in doing this assembly, it could have been postponed, ”said Doman, the main opposition candidate for the leadership that Moyano exercises in the Avellaneda club. “They don’t care about statutes or regulations. This is the result of having said 48 hours ago that Independiente was not prepared to call elections”, he told TN.Doman, who in 2021 scored his list alongside Nestor Grindetti Already John Marconi, pointed out that the only way to “decompress” the tension is to call for elections. “I hope that someone to Moyano at this moment makes him reflecthe cannot hold an assembly where he has to put an armored car inside the assembly itself and leave guarded by the police,” he added. Doman argued that the demand for elections is a “democratic cry” and questioned whether the assembly in which the budget by a symbolic majority, it was held with only “40 representatives” and in a space “where they did not allow other members to enter” for no apparent reason. Furthermore, he emphasized that the Justice recently ordered the calling of elections.”Moyano is not a king. Independiente is a club, an institution where its leaders vote, it is not a monarchy. This is a club that votes every four years. It should have been voted on December 19, but he did not let. This unpacks by announcing the election date today, tomorrow or the day after”, he asserted. After the Chamber of Avellaneda-Lanús demanded that the club call for elections, the official group Independent Group He released a statement in which he indicated that he would not appeal the measure, a fact that the rest of the spaces valued. However, Doman assured that there must be a public statement by Moyano, in his capacity as president, and by Hector “Yoyo” Maldonadogeneral secretary, in support of the measure and with the announcement of a precise date.Incidents in IndependienteSantiago Filipuzzi – LA NACIÓN“They could have dissuaded this in another way. The person responsible for what happened today is called Hugo Antonio Moyano. He has to call elections, say that he is going to participate and nothing more, ”he said. Doman also pointed out that the trucker leader sought to buy time when months ago he slipped that he could renounce a candidacy if there was a list of consensus. “She lied to me”, he asserted now. For the journalist, the trade unionist seeks to “buy time” in the face of the internal crisis in the club. The opposition candidate believed that the unionist seeks to prevent his departure from the sports entity from harming his career. “Moyano’s cycle in Independiente ended a long time ago, but he doesn’t realize it, he doesn’t understand it. He believes that leaving Independiente means political decadence, and he has the club hostage”, he analyzed.Hugo Moyano is questioned by dissident sectors of the club.Hugo Moyano is questioned by dissident sectors of the club. In addition, Doman indicated that Moyano’s eventual departure will expose “a staggering amount of irregularities” in the club. “They are going to have to give many explanations, not to me, but to the partners, and to Justice. The purchases and sales that are made and not made, the players who do not arrive for a price, and others who arrive for a higher price than expected, “he stated. However, the journalist maintained that the concern in the short term revolves around When will Independiente be able to play at home again, after the Sports Violence Prevention Agency (APreViDe) suspends this Saturday’s game against Atlético Tucumán at the Rojo stadium.

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