Crime in Mar del Plata. The boyfriend of the daughter of the former driver of Néstor Kirchner, wanted for the murder, surrendered in Tucumán

SILVER SEA.– John Jesus Piero Pinnathe former rugbier accused of murdering one of the guests at the controversial businessman’s party with four shots Mauricio Damian Rios, He turned himself in moments ago at the Tucumán Police Investigation Brigade headquarters. The suspect was also wanted by the Tucuman Justice accused of having stolen, accompanied by an armed gang, money and machines from his ex-partner’s business.“It is delivered in Tucumán to protect its integrity”said the suspect’s defense attorney, Sergio Faiad. Pinna, 34, had been on the run since early Sunday morning, when he escaped by car with his girlfriend, Romina Garcia –daughter of Rudy Ulloaformer driver and former secretary of Néstor Kirchner, now a media businessman – after having beaten and fractured one of the guests at Ríos’s birthday party and having murdered Maximiliano Rihl in the parking lot of the Parador Horizonte del Sol, in Mogotes Point.That was the end of a 48 hour raid between two provinces for Pinna. The Tucumán Justice had declared him in absentia this weekend, after the complaint of his ex-partner, María Laura Coria, who accused him of having gone with nine armed men to his business, El Faraón del Pollo, to take cash, refrigerators industrial and exhibitors, a computer, a truck and even weapons.Pinna will be detained. He could be investigated, in the first instance, in San Miguel de Tucumán, for the robbery of his ex-partner and ex-partner in a poultry distributor, before being transferred to this city to appear as charged with aggravated homicide and bodily injury. For this concurrence of crimes, a life sentence is foreseen. It has not yet transpired what action the Mar del Plata prosecutor Florencia Salas will take with respect to the daughter of Ulloa and the former deputy from Santa Cruz Estela García. She witnessed the entire violent and deadly sequence at the Parador Horizonte and then escaped from the crime scene with the man who shot nine times with a 9mm caliber pistol and caused Rihl’s death, according to at least half a dozen witnesses. Salas must evaluate whether, given the link he had with the accused, he can appear as a witness or if he can be charged with a possible cover-up. Since then, the National Migration Directorate (DNM) and the entire federal security system have been notified to expand the search radius and prevent an eventual attempt to leave the country. They were looking for him not only in Buenos Aires and Tucumán, but also in Santa Cruzwhere Pinna and her partner could have gone in search of refuge. In Río Gallegos, more than a decade ago, the daughter of Ulloa and Estela García led the group of young people -“The Youth of the Peronist Boys”, they called themselves- , which in 2011 promoted the construction of the monument of homage to the former president, one year after his death. The bond of friendship (and business) between the Ulloas and Ríos is long-standing and more than well known in Mar del Plata, with testimonies that confirm the repeated visits made in this city by the former driver and former secretary of Néstor Kirchner, derived a businessman with investments in supermarkets and the media. A photograph released by the capital newspaper He exhibited the couple together with the host Ríos, the honoree during the night of last Saturday, when he celebrated his 51st birthday with more than 200 people in the party room of the Horizonte del Sol beach inn. Something happened at one point in the early morning. The truth is that, at the door of the parador lounge, Pinna had a strong altercation with Ariel Núñez, a businessman in the meat industry in Quilmes and a guest at Ríos’s party. The exrugbier hit his rival and provoked Núñez right ankle fracture, an injury for which, after being treated at Health Center No. 2, he was referred to the Private Community Hospital. It is expected that this Tuesday he will testify before the prosecutor Salas. According to what the investigators were able to reconstruct from the contributions of eyewitnesses, the incident occurred when the party was entering its final stage and approximately 50 of the 200 invited to Ríos’s birthday remained. The altercation, they confirmed, was between Pinna and Núñez, and Rihl appeared on the scene with the intention of calming things down.But Pinna, always in the parking area of ​​the Parador Horizonte, walked to his white Toyota Corolla and returned with a 9-millimeter pistol, with which he fired at least nine times., according to the number of served pods picked up by Scientific Police personnel at the crime scene. Four of those projectiles hit Rihl: one in the ankle, another in the knee, the third in the wrist and the fourth -and lethal-, in the lower back; that projectile caused internal injuries that led to irreversible peritoneal hemorrhage. At that time it was also not known that, just 48 hours before the crime on the Mar del Plata beach, Pinna had been involved in another incident in his home province. Judicial sources confirmed to THE NATION that Pinna was denounced by his ex-partner, María Laura Coria, who accused him of having entered his business, located at 2500 Roca Avenue, in San Miguel de Tucumán, on Friday at 2:50 in the morning, together with 9 heavily armed men. According to the complaint –made by the woman on Saturday morning–, after subduing the local security guard, Pinna and her companions took money, a truck, display refrigerators, televisions, computers, a pressure washer and weapons, among other elements. Prosecutor Pedro Gallo, in charge of the Robbery and Theft Fiscal Unit II, requested a search of Pinna’s home and his immediate arrest. However, since they did not find him there, and his relatives reported that he had traveled to Buenos Aires, the prosecutor considered him in absentia and required that his capture be ordereda request that was authorized by the court on duty. As he was able to find out THE NATIONuntil recently, in addition to being a couple, Pinna and Coria were partners in the agricultural distributor El Faraón del Pollo, which has several locations. After the separation, the woman took possession of the firm. Apparently Pina “He would have appeared to demand a division of assets from Coria, in a violent and armed manner together with other accomplices”told a source with access to the case. Before this event, Coria had criminally denounced Pinna for gender-based violence, who in addition to having dedicated himself to business in the poultry sector, played professional rugby at Club Lince, in Tucumán.The sources consulted by this newspaper confirmed that Pinna spends most of his time in Buenos Aires, although he frequently travels to his native province on business.

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Ríos’ businesses and contacts with Ulloa

The party room of the Parador Horizonte Club de Playa, in Punta Mogotes, was the scene of the crimeFacebookMauricio Ríos’s friendship with Ulloa is long-standing, even with business between them. Like the man from Santa Cruz, the man from Mar del Plata also ventured into the supermarket sector, just one of several in which he had and has investments, since he was in charge of restaurants, beach inns and now, a renowned cafe in this city.Ríos came to public attention two years ago, when he was accused of being responsible for usurping a house in Cariló.. He and other people not only occupied it, but painted it a different color and made additions, from air conditioning to the extension of a barbecue area. Images of the interior of the house, taken after the eviction, exposed the abundance of expensive drinks that was in the cellar, some of which Ríos himself exhibited in a video in which he was seen with bottles of French champagne while dancing to the rhythm of Los Palmeras.With the collaboration of Fabián López (Tucumán)