Cowboy Bepop Season 1 Review

Cowboy Bepop Season 1 Review! What Do Fans Think?

Available since Friday, November 19, 2021, on Netflix, the live adaptation of “Cowboy Bebop” is not unanimous. 


Cowboy Bebop is, therefore, a Japanese animated series of 26 episodes. It aired for the very first time in Japan in 1998. Very quickly, it then met with enormous success in the country.  But what exactly is happening there? We follow the adventures of the crew of the Bebop ship. It evolves in a futuristic universe mixing westerns and kung fu movies.

This is what makes this creation so charming! The sets are sublime, the humor omnipresent, and the characters all more endearing than the others. Among them is Spike Spiegel, a bounty hunter in love with martial arts. He is accompanied by Jet Black, owner of the ship and former police officer.

Fans of the very famous anime know Netflix has just unveiled a live series adaptation. Available since November 19, 2021, it does not meet the expected success.


They did not expect anything but are still disappointed. Cowboy Bebop fans will not find the charm of the anime in this new Netflix series.

“It looks like Cowboy Bebop, it has the ingredients of Cowboy Bebop, but it’s not Cowboy Bebop,” laments a user on Twitter.

“Make Cowboy Bebop ridiculous. The series is beyond me. I’m angry! Read the manga, watch the anime, but not live-action, which does not do justice to the initial work at all,” another advises.

“I have not seen an episode of Cowboy Bebop Netflix version, but it’s scary just to see the comments of the public,” laughs a third.

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“We have to stop live actions,” he continues. “And you dare to think that One Piece will be a success? I don’t put a stone on it either.”

Despite bitter failures, one thinks in particular of Death Note, the American giant persists. It is preparing to unveil a live series of the greatest manga of all time: One Piece.

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