Cowboy Bebop trailer: The most innovative trailer

Cowboy Bebop – brand new Netflix original series and anime fans are eagerly looking forward to the series. But, with the launch of its teaser, the series would be awesome for the general audience as well. The anime series is very influential with amazing characters and genre-bending tones, so there is no surprise that the teaser is short. Here comes one of the most anticipated shows of the year, although the teaser is not less than a trailer and it seems like a mini-episode. This series raises anticipation and makes the fans more eager. Have a look at the Cowboy Bebop teaser and your breakdown with the awesome teaser trailer.

Influence in western media

Firstly, this is the most unique anime series that is not based on the original manga, instead, the series became so successful that it inspired manga. Through its successful run, the show earned several accolades and awards that it became one of the great animated series of all time. This series has become a gateway for Western audiences and the show’s set within Western sci-fi makes it the most outstanding anime. 

So, it would make sense to view a show that has earned lots of worldwide fame, but there arises one concern that how a live-action model would survive. However, now everything from this show seems great. Nothing looks so great other than this show that offers a true anime feel and that too with non-animated characters.

Innovative teaser

The teaser trailer of this show seems to be like a short film, and the teaser offers various unique visual styles, attractive characters, and a great sense of tone. The show comes with the most effective thought. The teaser starts with three main characters of Spike, Jet, and Faye and they are hunters. All three of them head towards varying locations in search of a new bounty, but trouble searches them first. It is very hard to describe the teaser of Cowboy Bebop’s live-action show. The show’s characters indulge in fights, eat noodles, have a scary flashback, and again end up in a fight. The show looks so unique and has never been seen before. 

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