Controversy: he hung his son from the balcony to recover the clothes that had flown

A woman from the Indian city of Faridabad exposed her son to a truly risky act by hanging it with a makeshift rope from the balcony of their apartment, on the tenth floor. What happened was that the lady accidentally dropped clothes on the balcony of the neighbor from the ninth and He had no better idea than to lower his little boy down the outside of the building to retrieve it. The images of the dangerous raid of the child to the floor below on the heights of the building, like an inexperienced Spider-Man, they were recorded by a local resident. As in cases like this, the images quickly went viral on the networks, where the woman did not stop receiving criticism for the way in which she risked her son’s physical integrity. Indian mother hangs her son from a balcony on the 10th floor to look for clothes The Indian police officer Dipanshu Kabra was one of the many who shared the video on their social networks of the boy acting between the balconies of the ninth and tenth floors. “Dismayed to see the video of this mother from Faridabad”, he wrote on his Twitter account, along with the alarming images. “It is the height of carelessness, irresponsibility and insensitivity”added the agent and finished: “You have no right to risk your son’s life.” Indeed, in the images it is possible to see the boy standing on the balcony railing of the ninth floor -the video does not record the descent to the balcony-, taken from what appears to be a makeshift rope with a sari that his mother and grandmother support from the top floor, leaning out on the balcony.The boy’s mother and grandmother pull the sari back up onto their balconyIndian Capture So, both women begin to pull on the sari to make the little boy ascend, who little by little comes towards their position. Once the minor reached, by force of jerks, the railing of his balcony, but on the outside, the two ladies take him by the torso and put him inside.To get an idea of ​​the risky place in which the little rescuer of his mother’s clothes was, the neighbor who captured the images, resident in the building opposite, he zoomed out to show the building at its actual height, and everything becomes more impressive there.According to the India Today newspaper, the neighbors of the woman on the tenth floor assure that she never sought help or rang the doorbell of any resident of the building to look for the garment that had fallen off. She directly went to her son.Social networks reacted with harsh questions to the mother's attitude, for whom some even asked for prison.Social networks reacted with harsh questions to the mother’s attitude, for whom some even asked for prison Capture twitter / @ipsc“This happened on February 6 or 7. The woman decided to endanger her son for a garment that fell off. She should have contacted building maintenance instead of doing something so risky,” said another neighbor. In an interview for the television of the India, the child’s mother said she had repented of the action you took with your son. Meanwhile, on social networks, users were extremely critical of the woman in the India.Some even called for her arrest, while others, with greater irony, pointed out that this mother should be given the “Michael Jackson Award”, referring to the late American pop star that far away and long ago, in 2002 He also exposed his little son Prince on the outside of a balcony to introduce him to his fans.

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