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Collection of the Museu do Cinema de Cachoeira is transferred; fate is still discussed

The rich Museum of Cinema Roque Araújo, located in the municipality of Cachoeira, in the Bahian Recôncavo, is moving. It turns out that the property that houses the museum was listed by the Institute of Artistic and Cultural Heritage of Bahia (Ipac) and is undergoing restoration to receive the Memorial da Irmandade Da Ajuda. In the last week, part of the museum’s collection was seen placed on the sidewalk in front of the project’s building, leading some people to think that the museum was being evicted from the place, but the executive coordinator Luís Antônio Araújo assures that this is not the case. “Some uninformed people passed in front of where the museum used to be and saw the equipment at the door of the space. The museum is not being evicted, just being moved”, he assures. This change forced the Cinema Museum to look for a new home. According to Luís Antônio, the equipment belonging to the museum is being registered by Ipac and kept by the Hansen Bahia Foundation, which, together with the Santa Casa Cultural de Cachoeira, will give the final destination to the exhibition. The new location, which will house the collection of more than 8,000 pieces, such as 16 and 35 mm cameras, a crank projector, cutting and editing islands and audio devices from different eras, should be defined during the Finisterra Brasil Afrobarroco International Film Festival. , which will honor filmmaker Roque Araújo, creator of the museum. Also according to Luís Antônio, the festival, which takes place between the 20th and 24th of April, will bring a project for the relocation of the pieces. “This project will involve an articulation with other municipalities in the Recôncavo that are interested in housing part of the museum’s equipment. Roque exhibits from 8 to 9 thousand pieces in the museum, it is a gigantic collection”, he explains. He explains that there is a discussion to set up an itinerant circuit between these municipalities, while still maintaining contact with Cachoeira. “It’s a city that has everything to do with the cinema course. Roque Araújo must manage audiovisual production workshops, with the knowledge of his memories with Glauber Rocha. Roque is an encyclopedia”, he comments on the project developed by the Hansen Institute.
International Festival
The producer and filmmaker Roque Araújo, who enjoyed the company of filmmaker Glauber Rocha, and reliable coexistence with the family of the author of Cinema Novo, especially his mother Dona Lúcia Rocha, will be honored at the Finisterra Brasil Afrobarroco International Film Festival: Film Art & Tourism , which will take place in Cachoeira, in the Bahian Recôncavo, from April 20 to 24, 2022. The rich collection of the Roque Araújo Cinema Museum, composed of equipment that shows the historic film production chain, will be exposed during the Finisterra Festival programming Brasil Afrobarroco, on the occasion the Hansen Bahia Foundation and Santa Casa Cultural de Cachoeira should announce measures for the reopening of the Roque Araújo Cinema Museum, with a project to promote film club practice in the Recôncavo da Bahia.

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