Cinema and streaming: see this week’s premieres (9/8 to 9/14)

For some lucky people, this week is a long holiday due to the 7th of September. And there’s nothing better than enjoying a movie to enjoy, right? The highlight among the premieres in cinemas is the feature Ticket to Paradise, a romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney that hits the commercial circuit this Thursday (9/8). like a divorced couple reunited thanks to a common mission. They want to stop their daughter, completely in love, from making the same mistake they made in the past: getting married. See the trailer:Check out these and other options in theaters and streaming:CinemasMen — Faces do MedoFollowing a personal tragedy, Harper retreats alone to an English countryside, hoping to have found a place where she can recover. But someone or something from the surrounding woods seems to be chasing her. What begins as a smoldering dread becomes a formed nightmare, inhabited by her memories and fears.the territoryThe Uru-eu-wau-wau indigenous people saw their population decrease and their culture threatened since contact with white Brazilians. While promised autonomy over their rainforest territory, they have faced illegal logging incursions, environmentally destructive mining and, more recently, land grabs, spurred on by right-wing politicians like President Jair Bolsonaro. With deforestation as a consequence, the problem has become global.My Perfect FamilyFred is a successful publicist who is about to marry Denise, the love of his life. But Fred has a secret: a completely delusional family. Therefore, he decides to hire actors to represent them, but the plan backfires when they show themselves to be more crazy than their real family.Tromba Train: The MovieGajah, an elephant with no memory, is elevated to celebrity status overnight, and ends up drifting away from his old traveling companions on the Trunk Train. Stardom is short-lived as he becomes the prime suspect in mysterious kidnappings.Salem’s LotRemake of Stephen King’s The Vampires of Salem follows successful writer Benjamin “Ben” Mears as he returns to his hometown of Salem’s Lot, Maine, hoping to write a new novel about the Marsten House.StreamingNetflixEnd of the RoadEnd of the RoadUrsula Coyote/NETFLIXAnthrax: US Under AttackAnthrax: US Under AttackAnthrax: US Under AttackDisclosure/ Netflix0Anthrax: US Under AttackAnthrax: USA Under Attack tells the story of the anthrax attacks that ravaged the United States in 2001 and sparked one of the largest and most complex investigations ever conducted by the FBI. Five Americans died and at least 17 became ill from what turned out to be one of the worst biological attacks in US history, one week after the fateful 9/11. Against the backdrop of the US and other countries in the tense climate of the war on terrorism, the viewers will see a portrait of the incredible scientific journey of poisoning, obsession and paranoia. Combining interviews and reenactments based on FBI emails and notes, the documentary also uncovers the moving stories of investigators, survivors and victims’ families.end of the roadIn this action thriller, a road trip turns into hell for Brenda, her two children and brother Reggie. After witnessing a violent murder, the family is targeted by a mysterious assassin. In the middle of the desert, without any possibility of help, Brenda faces a mortal struggle to keep her family alive. Do you want to stay inside the world of the famous and receive the news directly on your Telegram? Enter the Metrópoles channel and follow the editorship on Instagram.

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