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Chucky Season 2 Is Confirmed! Here’s what a fan should know!

Long back in the year 1988, audiences witnessed and were introduced to a horror
icon all crediting Tom Holland’s horror flick Child’s Play.
The doll Chuck created you Don Mancini, who is possessed by the evil spirit of the serial killer Charles entertained as well as creeped out the genre’s fans for a long time.

This gave birth to a much-followed franchise, with it evolving into a few films that focused on its comedy aspect, while other films stayed the original’s horror roots.

The much-talked-about franchise has made a grand return to the screens this year in the form of a live-action series named Chucky.The first episode was aired on October 12, 2021.
The series has received many positive reviews from fans and critics alike, and it is welcomed with a lot of anticipation.

The Chucky series has a total of 8 episodes.The show is all set for a grand finale and will be about the standoff between Chucky and Jake.

The last episode will be aired on November 30, and the name of the episode is ‘An Affair To Dismember.’

As suggested by the title, it is evident that the show will end on a good note, with evil coming to a standstill.Although there has been no official announcement regarding season 2 of the spectacular franchise, having a look at how big the fanbase is and the fact that it is as fresh in the minds of the viewers even today after five wholesome decades, it is doubtful that the makers would be putting the doll down anytime soon.

You can also catch the season finale and stream it online through the Syfy website, Syfy digital app, or the USA Network website.

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You can watch Chucky episode 8 through active cable subscriptions like DirecTV, Huli Live TV, YouTube TV, and Fubo TV, amongst others.

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