Christopher Nolan teases scenes from ‘Oppenheimer’

‘Oppenheimer’, the awaited film of Christopher Nolan on the “father” of the atomic bomb, advanced this Thursday its first images as an appetizer, before its premiere on July 21, 2023. In a very short video that the Universal Pictures studio is reproducing in a loop on its social networks, complete with countdown, features Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer as a voiceover says, “The world is changing, reforming. This is your time.” The voice corresponds to Emily Blunt, who plays the scientist’s wife, Katherine, in this long-awaited film from the director of ‘Dunquerke’ (2017). Later, after a succession of images of explosions, another male voice implores: “You gave them the power to destroy themselves and made the greatest man that ever lived“.

The plot of “Oppenheimer” will be based on the 2005 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer” written by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin.

It will be the second time that the filmmaker ambient a film in the Second World War after the acclaimed and successful ‘Dunquerke’ (2017). Nolan is one of the most prestigious and influential directors of the 21st century, thanks to films like ‘Inception’ (2010), ‘Interstellar’ (2014) and the acclaimed Batman trilogy made up of ‘Batman Begins’ (2005), ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008) and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ (2012).

His most recent film, ‘Tenet’, was released in the summer of 2020 despite the fact that the situation due to the coronavirus was very complicated and cinemas around the world were closed or with a very limited capacity. The film, a complex espionage thriller that intersects with temporary games, raised 364 million dollars, a low figure for a blockbuster of this caliber and that marked Nolan’s break with Warner Bros. The British had been working with Warner Bros for years, but he was very critical when the studio decided to release his films in theaters and on HBO Max at the same time, as an emergency measure due to covid-19. The move led to a split between the studio and Nolan, who will now release his films under the Universal label.

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