Christmas flow Season 2! Coming or Cancelled?

Christmas flow Season 2

Netflix is back with a heartwarming, bright new French holiday film ‘Christmas Flow’ to brighten up the festive season! Christma Flows a romantic-comedy French movie that follows the story of two people who are opposites.
As unlikely romance blossoms between them, can they put their differences aside and make their relationship work?

The film stars Tayac, Shirine Boutella and Marion Seclin in key roles. It is already winning over the audience’s hearts due to its simple storyline, charming screenplay and lively performances by the show’s cast.

The plot of the show

The show has a protagonist who is a rapper, Marcus( played by Tayc), and he is full of misogyny. He sings songs that are sexually explicit and extremely problematic.
He has an air of arrogance around him and is insufferable.

He crosses paths with a journalist called Lila( played by Shirine Boutella), a strong-headed feminist. He strongly advocates her values, constantly trying to make young kids aware of the problems of rape culture and victim-blaming and how dangerous that is.
She is highly disappointed to see how Marcus and his songs easily influence kids.

As fate would have it, quite as expected, they run into each other at a police station one day, and at sight, she hates him.But this is the point where their romance blooms.

As predictable and convincing it gets, it’s the good old girl changing the bad boy plot, and Lila makes Marcus understand the problems he’s causing, and he changes his attitude.
Quite similar to the movies we have been watching goes through the tried routes and is perfect for a Christmas get-together. Watch about all things Christmas like cheer, joy, love and magic.
It doesn’t have anything new to offer, although it is a very heartwarming watch. The show has three episodes.

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Will we get a second season of Christmas Flow?

The first season which was released on November 17, was received warmly by the audience. However, as the story wrapped up in the end, a show’s second instalment is very unlikely.

Although, if there are new characters introduced with a new storyline, there might be scope for a new season 2.

Where can you watch Christmas Flow?

Christmas Flow is currently being streamed on the platform Netflix.


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