Chinese motorcycles that you can buy in Spain

In a matter of hours, the official launch of Yadea will be held in Spain, with a product designed, developed and manufactured in China. This brand has a clear objective in our country, a territory related to its star segment: the electric scooter. Confidence is complete and, as we explain in this article, Yadea plans to land with 200 points of sales and after-sales distributed by the main cities between now and the end of the year. Nevertheless, is not the only one. The appearance of Chinese motorcycles, mainly scooters, in Spaina is a fact that we must normalize and that we will try to illuminate with this article. We talk about the relevance of the Asian country on the mobility board in this report, focused on Chinese cars that you will want to buy. A leading role that has been given by the electrified and technological drift of the old continent, specialized in heat engines to date. This decision in favor of zero emission circulation, beneficial for our planet and an ally in the face of climate change, has meant a change of pace on the industry board. a rhythm that China has taken the opportunity to become unbeatableboth for prices and quality. The strategy has been brilliant: any European firm that wants to sell in its country must partner with a national company. This has given them the experience and basic knowledge to conquer the buyer of the continent, both in the aesthetic aspect and in their driving tendencies and technological tastes. As we explained to you, managers of the stature of Luca de Meo, current CEO of the Renault group, sentenced: “China will set the trend. They have it clear. Its industrial policy is set until 2040, tell me about a European country that has the same. To be outside of China in 2030 is to be nobody.”

Asian motorcycle brands

The appearance of Asian firms in the world of two wheels is not something new. SYMwithout going any further, is a Taiwanese brand and together with Kymco have been competing with high wheel scooters for years preferred by the public. The arrival of Chinese models was a matter of time, improving with each new addition. More than anything because the first units, arriving by boat and en masse, were far from meeting the guarantees and customer service required of other firms.

The next step is that of real conquest, where we are currently. We are talking about companies that they do not hide their origin, they even proudly show their high capital and the involvement of cutting-edge companies in the technological and electrification section.

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We have talked about it at the beginning of the article. Yadea considers an international growth that should happen, yes or yes, through Spain and its booming user. The scooter is in fashion and the regulations of the town halls push the electric transition. The Next June 21 we will learn more about your mopeds, motorcycles and scooters, in addition to establishing in which physical points we can get hold of your product. Some models that will arrive hand in hand with Human Mobilitya firm that also controls Kymco (DTX test) and that already has 60 service points.


In May we told you about the absorption of Sunra by Zitmuv, a booming company that is committed to electrification to continue its growth path. This collaboration gives the Zitmuv company the distribution in Spain and Portugal, granting the Chinese firm its high permeability in a market in which they have more than 250 dealers. Currently, you can get three of their models: Black Razer, Z Odin and GZ Razing. The first one, equivalent to a 125 cc and cafe racer style, has up to 120 kilometers of autonomy and a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Of the Z-Odin we will highlight its scope, of 210 kilometers of autonomy, thanks to the 7.2kWh battery. The GZ RaZing bets on the historical image of Japanese sneakerswith a range of up to 150 kilometers and a top speed of 110 km/h.


The Niu firm is one of the most seen in the cities of Spain, starting with its competitive price and the ease provided by its dealers before a test or the typical after-sales processes. If we focus on the most practical models, avoiding talking about scooters or the like for today, we have the NQi and MQYo. The latter represents an evolution of the NQi, which remains unbeatable for its price-performance ratio. Of course, it is far from the typical driving of a 125 cc scooter, being closer to a moped and even a bicycle. The M Qi Evolast to arrive in the range with 72 V batteries, has a starting price of 4,999 euros but achieves a top speed of 100 km / h without losing too much autonomy, which is approved between 65 and 75 kilometers.


I still remember the sensations that the Ecooter E2 S gave me. This electric scooter, approved as an L1e, would compete with mopeds with a maximum speed of 45 km/h and autonomy of around 75 kilometres. Their lightness makes them ideal for urban traffic but they do not provide the poise and sense of security of a combustion counterpart. In the firm’s portfolio you can find other alternatives, more elaborate and with superior benefits, such as the E5. It grants up to 150 kilometers of autonomy, with top speeds of 105 km/h and the promise of charges from 0 to 90% in 2 and a half hours. The most significant is the work in the cycle part, brakes with ABS system front and rear and an aluminum swingarm which improves its rigidity.

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super soco

If motorcycles with personality are your thing, and you run away from the scooter style, Super Soco may be your alternative. They have their mopeds, of course, with the CUmini, CUX and CUX Ducati, a special edition with the same qualities: 60 kilometers of autonomy, 45 km/h top speed and portable batteries with recharges of over 3 hours. The CPX, 5,489 euros with two batteriesincreases its autonomy up to 140 kilometers, with a maximum speed of 90 km/h and L3 homologation. In this article we will talk about the most curious ones, such as the TC Max. It is equivalent to a 125 cc combustion engine but has a neo-retro aesthetic that more than one will like. Its top speed is 95 km/h, with autonomy of around 110 kilometers and 4-hour recharges that you can manage through a mobile application. They also have the TS Street Hunter, with a starting price of 3,649 eurosmore equipment in the cycle part and with up to 200 kilometers of autonomy. Tinbot, on the other hand, sticks with affordable enduro models like the Tinbot Esum Pro, with 11 kW of power and a price of 6,450 euros. It can travel up to 130 kilometers, but its recharge will take more than 6 hours. Back in the city we have the Horwin and his EK3 scooter with 90 kilometers of autonomy and the CR6 with 100 kilometers of autonomy and café racer style. The Evoke are premium motorcycles with superior features such as Urban Classic, 9,980 euros but 250 kilometers of autonomy and up to 130 km/h top speed. Its 6061 (without price) is its flagship, with more than 230 km / h top speed and 470 kilometers of autonomy. Nothing to do with other proposals, also available in Spain from Arena, Felo, Wottan, Sumco and Nimoto.


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