chimera episode 2: An ultimate Korean drama

chimera episode 2

Chimera is a Korean mystery drama, based on the Chimera explosion incident that shook the year 1984, and revolves around a series of murder stories. The main characters of the show Cha Jae Hyun, Lee Joong Yeob, and Yoo Jin work together to grab criminals, uncover secrets, and solve all mysteries. Chimera belongs to a mythological creature with the body of a goat, head of a lion, and tail of a snake, and the creature releases fire from its mouth. As the title suggests, this Korean drama would give the viewers a tense and unusual story.

Recap of Chimera episode 1

Before going towards Chimera episode 2, let’s have a quick recap of episode 1. It starts with Chae Jae Hyun and Lee Jong Yub facing each other and explaining about Chimera. Chimera is a mythological and very unique creature that spells out the fire to kill innocent people. However, these main characters came together to solve this mystery. And, in this episode viewers would be able to watch a very suspenseful story. Let’s go-ahead to know more about episode 2.

Chimera episode 2: Summary

However, this episode will concentrate more on mythological creatures and their background, and during this Joong Yeob sometimes has bad dreams related to burning candles and churches. Joong Yeob gets afraid and suspicious, meanwhile, Eugene came to pay a visit to Joong Yeob at a hospital-related to a car burning in the city’s middle. After this incident, they both start their investigations. Another OCN thriller series with such a unique story and this incident of car burning left all viewers in surprise. 

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When will Chimera episode 2 air?

Fans are eagerly waiting for this amazing drama’s episode 2 and it is out already on 31 October 2021, have a look and enjoy. Fans can watch this amazing drama on the OCN network and also on the Rakuten Viki streaming channel along with episode 1. The show includes sixteen episodes in a total of sixty minutes, and the show would continue till December 2021. Enjoy this thriller and unique show and guess what will happen in the coming episodes. 


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