Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 9: When Will It Release? Where To Watch?

Chicago PD Season 9

The recent episode 8 of Chicago PD came out with a blast. Tensions increased between Voight and Halsted, with both having different strategies for a new cast. The eighth episode of Chicago PD Season 9 revolved around Voight’s informant, who later appeared to have some purpose of getting involved in the case. Though they were able to catch the one behind their latest case, Voight found yet another informant. At the end of the episode, a fan can undoubtedly justify that Voight was nowhere happy with the incidents throughout the episodes. 

Moreover, the murder of Roy Walton has been in the back of the storyline over the episodes of Season 9. Now, it finally seems that the storyline will return to the foreground with the upcoming episodes. In the trailer released for the ninth episode, we can see that FBI has summoned Upton for interrogation of Walton’s murder. As the trailer suggests, the verdict for Upton’s deeds in the finale of Season 8 can finally come into play in the coming episodes. Here’s the trailer for Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 9:

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 9: When Will It Release?

For the fans who think that they will witness the FBI’s interrogation with Upton in the coming weeks, this can be a piece of bad news. The new episode will premiere directly in December. The exact release date for the same is December 8, 2021, at 10: PM ET. But why is the episode not being released on November 24 or December 1? Here’s the explanation.

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NBC pauses the release of every show during the time of Thanksgiving festivals. This is because the US network has special programs lined up for the festive week.

Chicago PD Season 9 Episode 9: Where To Watch?

The latest episode can be seen on NBC on December 8 at the time mentioned earlier. Moreover, the episode will be released a day after its television premiere on NBC’s official website and app. Furthermore, you can watch the episode a day later on Amazon Prime Video with a subscription to the streaming service.


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